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Thread: What cellphone do you have?

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    Default What cellphone do you have?

    There use to be a post for this but I was closed. I'm starting it back up since people tend to change phones overtime.

    I currently have a HTC 8x. Its a windows phone. I hate windows phones. But it was the only free phone at the time.
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    iPhone 4S. I switched to iPhones after a whole slew of WINCE boxes. Never EVER will I buy another piece of crap HTC again. UNRELIABLE junk.

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    I have the Nokia Lumia 928 windows phone. If people don't know the advantages of a windows phone its easy to call them crap. I sync mine with my laptop everywhere. I can pull data from my laptop wirelessly and easily. I would also advise avoiding the HTC

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    Samsung galaxy S2. It does damn near everything and is built like a tank. I've dropped it so many times I'm amazed it still works! it has never given me any issues whatsoever. I will probably upgrade to the new galaxy when my my phone renewal date rolls around...
    Id never buy an Iphone though, I've had nothing but bad luck with apple products.

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    I have a Nokia E71 through straighttalk, its my second E71 after my first was lost or stolen, ive had it over 2 years and it still works flawlessly. I get 3 days of battery per charge and yes that's with use. it does everything the iphone does except touchscreen, i can even do video calls and make a wifi hotspot thats nearly as fast as our highspeed DSL something like 500kbps. Its pretty damn sturdy too, the back plate is made of metal, ive dropped it many times and a few have been from a height of 4-6 feet, no cracks or chips but a few scratches. I don't have a case for it either and i carry it in my pants pocket with my keys. I love that it has buttons so that when im typing or texting and i press A the phone actually types the letter A and not Q or Z, it also doesn't have shitty auto correct so that when i type newports it doesn't send newborns instead. It is by far the best phone I have ever had, and I am very afraid that it is the best phone i will ever have, my friend has one in good condition that i've considered buying as a replacement for mine in case the unthinkable may happen. Nokia E71 - Full phone specifications <-wow, after looking this up my phone is ancient as it was released in 2008 and yet it still whoops ass.

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    Galaxy S4. It doesn't feel quite as well built as it's predecessors, but still better drop protection than any Apple product I've ever held. Not that it matters, I throw it in an Otterbox Defender series just for safe keeping. (Plus, I upgrade a lot, so resale value is higher if damage <1%. Usually a bit more than the cost of the case, which you can pawn off on the new owner for a few bucks too)

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    i have an HTC one X+ and i really like it save one feature, the bluetooth sucks real bad. calls are distorted and music audio cuts out at arms length. but other than that i love it. and it has my favorite mobile processor the nvidia Tegra 3

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    Still using my Nokia 3410 that I got ten years ago. I've also got a Nokia 3330 that I use with a different SIM.

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    I have a Samsung galaxy note 2. Its a great combination of a phone and a small tablet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverr View Post
    I have a Samsung galaxy note 2. Its a great combination of a phone and a small tablet.
    It's also a massive nerd magnet, if that's what you're going for. I still have my eyes glaze over when I see a Note 2 being used. Sadly, my carrier doesn't sell the Note line, as it's too "Premium" of a phone, and it's a heavily student oriented cell provider.

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