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    So, I've seen plenty of music threads about what your favorite song or genre is, but I'm looking for something a little different. I'd like to know if there are any songs that get you emotional and why.

    It could be a song that reminds you of good times and makes you smile, something that makes you go back to a rough time you were having and gets you crying, or even a song that relates to something that you're going through now. As long as the song makes you feel a strong emotion, I'd like to know about it.

    For me, a song that always gets me emotional is "In Your Room" by Halestorm:

    Up until I met my girlfriend, I never had any friends, or anyone I could really trust. I only had one friend, but he was slowly drifting away from me during the last year of high school. We had been best friends since 2nd grade and those years of friendship were dissolving in front of my eyes because he found some less boring friends to be with.

    So there I was, alone, when this girl came along. We started talking and a relationship developed. I had almost no social skills, was always skittish, and fumbled over my words all the time, even if I was trying to give a simple "thank you". Somehow, she saw through my nervous, scared exterior and wanted to know all about me. This was the first time I had someone to really trust and talk to in years. Here we are, two years later, happily together.

    This song reminds me of how terrible I felt before she came along, and how she changed my whole personality by simply giving me someone to share myself with.

    TL;DR: This song gives me happy tears.

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    Plenty, I am a musician
    The Day After Tomorrow Soundtrack - Main Theme - YouTube Sad, overcoming challanges
    Fireworks | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix | Nicholas Hooper - YouTube Joy
    PMD 2: "Sacrifice" - (Piano Sheet Music) - YouTube Hope
    Luke Richards - Farewell My Dear - YouTube Love

    Jenison Marching Band 2012 "Joan" State Finals - YouTube
    As a performer this means more to me then the world. In this show we mad people in the stands cry in horror and sorrow. One of the creators of Bands of America declared this his favorite show of 2012. It fallows the life story of Joan of ark. From her visions from god, her military career and capture, her incarceration, her death sentience and execution, and ends on her being revered as who she truly was, a saint.

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    I've never heard "In Your Room" by Halestorm so thank you for sharing it as its wonderful.

    I have some difficulty choosing which song I want to share first.

    Love and loss.

    Long distance relationship.
    Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

    R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts

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    Well when i was a kid being about 6 years old i would spend every day on the beach in the summer with my dad so this song i remember hearing every day and when i hear it now it makes me think back to those days running around playing on the beach. I guess you could say i was a beach baby happy days

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    311 - Amber - YouTube Train - Drops of Jupiter - YouTube Both remind me of my mom, she died when i was 16 but one of the best times we ever had together was the summer i visited and both these songs came out, they were played off the hook on the radio, we both loved em and would say, "YES!" and jam out when they came on. They invoke many emotions in me, happy, sad, nostalgia, love, pain, regret, hope, and more.

    Requiem For A Dream Full Song HD - YouTube Anytime i hear this song or any of its variants, i get chills, a pit forms in my stomach, my heart is ripped to shreads, i feel like all hope is gone, i want to turn it off and forget i ever heard it, yet i cant bring myself to stop listening to it. Its all related to the movie, during the course of the movie I had built alot of feelings and emotions toward the characters and i felt almost connected to them, then the ending sequence along with this song absolutely tore me apart piece by every single fucking little piece, it was brutal, when it was over I didn't want to talk for hours, those final scenes negatively exposed in the back of my mind. Aside from this, the movie is really really good though, its such a powerful film, it really makes you think about life. If you haven't seen it, I recommend that everyone sees it once in their life, it will likely change you and the way you look at some things.

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    I never really had friends until high school. I remember inviting my small group of friends over to my birthday party. And people actually came! To my birthday party! It was fantastic. One of the girls brought music and she played Just Like Heaven. Whenever I hear this song now, I remember being at my party, for the first time feeling pretty happy on my birthday, looking at with slight disbelief at my friends having fun and dancing and talking.

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