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Thread: The Incontinence Tag

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    Default The Incontinence Tag

    Here on ADISC you can get a number of tags to show up under your name, such as AB, DL, etc... and one of them is IC for incontinent. My question is, what is the etiquette here on ADISC about using that tag? I sometimes have wetting accidents, but only occasionally, and almost always when I am sick or not feeling well, so I make sure to pad up extra then. Would it be proper for me to use the incontinent tag on here or not?

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    Most of the members on here who use the IC tag have some form of urinary IC as well some also have bowel IC. That's up to you how you want
    to describe yourself.

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    I think if you have a medically diagnosed incontinent issue, that it would be highly acceptable. If you have occasional accidents, that would be a logical tag as well. If it happens only when you're sick because of a non-related issue, probably not. I have some urge incontinent issues, but I don't consider that an incontinence problem. I simply have to make my way to the bathroom almost immediately. It doesn't happen often.

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    Who cares what people think. It's your tag. If you want, use it! All power to you! Cheers.
    Are people supposed to guarantee everything about themselves? Have to people don't even want to admit their fucking ages. Why should it matter what their tag says?
    In short. It doesn't harm anyone. Go ahead and use the tag if you so choose.

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    Ok. That's good to hear. What is the general practice here though? I just don't want to put something on my profile that is misleading. Although now that I think of it, I could just clarify it in my signature. I might do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by incontinentGM24 View Post
    Who cares what people think. It's your tag. If you want, use it! All power to you! Cheers. Are people supposed to guarantee everything about themselves? Have to people don't even want to admit their fucking ages. Why should it matter what their tag says? In short. It doesn't harm anyone. Go ahead and use the tag if you so choose.
    K, suffice to say you weren't around for half my life, you don't need any more than that. I am a firm believer in giving up the birthday celebrations, when you run out of fingers and toes to count them on. Have to agree with the tags thing, as they manage to cause as much confusion as they cure.

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    I tend to agree with some of the views above, I think we place too much emphasis on what tags people display and then pigeon hole everyone by their chosen groups.

    Joejoe its up to you whether you identify as IC but personally I think almost everyone has had an accident in the past but that really isn't the same as having to deal with it 24/7.
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    go ahead and use whatever tag and age u want, its "your" profile and "your" life so do what "you" want to do. I think IC can be used to describe having any sort of issue with bladder or bowel control, whether its 24/7, occasional, or conditional, so long as there is no reason why you could not get to a bathroom or find a bush etc.. I myself don't identify as IC because i have never been in a situation where i was not able to either hold it or go find a bathroom. I am lactose intolerant and I have had my share of wet farts and urgent cases of #2 but i've always been able to hold it until i could find a bathroom or a place to go, so i don't call that incontinence.

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    In recognizing the fantasy aspects...

    I think that whatever tag(s) you use...even if wanting to use the IC tag, as wanting to be IC...not necessarily being under the condition, that you clearly state as much of what it is to you... especially, when giving anything construed as advice...

    Perhaps we need a new tag FIC (Fantasy InContinent) FICtion...

    Though it doesn't seem to be as much an issues here...people on IC support forums generally regard those who fantasize about being IC...with hostility... as it draws away from the predicament, and appears to make a mockery of it...‎
    b : inability of the body to control the evacuative functions of urination or defecation.


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    Anyone is free to place whatever tag, age, the choose...but, if it not true it will be noticed at some point...

    I too sometimes actually have to think what my age is too...past 21 why bother...I'm past 40...aint no thang!

    Anyhow, the op is asking what people feel is appropriate...that is a sign of some maturity...and is much appreciated.

    Anyone can swear, lolly gag, post fiction, pose, whatever they want to do, that is the Internet...

    Now, if people say thier 40 and still post and position thier thoughts and dribble like a tween...people notice!

    I'm so old, I don't even know what all these misc. three letter abbreviations even are....and no I'm not wanting a list either...

    Maturity is easy to spot, and with age usually comes maturity...

    When I was 18 I was full of piss and most...twenty years later...some broken and tattered body parts, I'm still just as much a pain in the ass for sure, and even more sarcastic as well...

    I've read things from when I was young, usually say to myself, I couldn't have been that nieve...but yes I was...

    Now, back on topic...

    If you think you have any condition you feel meets the need, put it up there...

    Realistically, it only guides posts into the proper genre...

    People that are ic have different needs and wants than with both are both...

    I wear Molicare for fit, and usually during day if just around the property...they fit great...

    Nite, usually a L4...

    I also have cushies too...even scented...for special occasions...

    Now, if I wasn't ic and needing different products for different needs that may be relavant.

    But, the choice is yours alone, there are no tag police, your monitor will not get stuck pixels that say naughty...and I doubt it breaks any commandments, in the new or old testaments, not 100% sure but I don't believe the caron even mentions ic at all!

    In all seriousness in your case, I'd say flip a coin if your gut doesn't tell you...or like you said put it in your signature...

    I wouldn't worry about explaining yourself, in fact most people will remember anyhow, it not they will ask, or if it's relavant to your post explain there too...

    Sometimes I mention my ic...I've been a bed wetter since birth, with occasional issues durring the day, I've got quite a few places now where I have nerve damage, and serious problems with some that require serious muscle relaxers and pain of wich make my daytime problem worse...if I'm around the house inside near a bathroom, I'll go without, if I dribble on my shorts, I usually wear swim shorts, I'll just throw them in the laundry and get another pair they clean up easy...if I get some on the floor, I have no wall to wall carpet in my house, mostly hardwood floors and they clean easily too...but, I'll not sit on a fabric chair or where one of the rugs are...they don't clean easily...

    So even tho I'm ic there is like above plenty of more information, if I posted that every time or in my sig...that would just be annoying...


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