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Thread: is idiaper or northshore a good place to buy stuff for my stash?

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    Default is idiaper or northshore a good place to buy stuff for my stash?

    i found these 2 sites under google under the search heading adult diapers and the site is Adult Diapers, Incontinence Products - Free Shipping All Orders and Hawaii Vacation Travel | North Shore Oahu. would these 2 places be alright if i was just a diaper lover buying their products? i have to give them my name and address to both of them and i plan on paying for this with a prepaid card from Walmart specifically setup just for buying these things. i am concerned about letting anyone knowing my name and address and more importantly it occurs to me if i was a victim of some sort of abuse here i would end not being able to prosecute this as i would be to embarrassed to tell a judge what it was i was buying and why at the time the fraud or whatever it was committed. i am well aware that this might belong under something other then diaper talk but these 2 sites carry products that might be perfect for me including a brief that's machine washable called a Ultra-fit reusable brief.

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    well.. first off, the 2nd site is a Hawaii vacationing site lol. There are plenty of sites where you can get diapers and i highly doubt you would need to dispute anything... Honestly i think you are just over-thinking all this quite a bit :P. There is a website called Adult Diapers and Incontinence Supplies | NorthShore Care Supply where you can buy all kinds of medical supplies including adult diapers. But theres also Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products! who sell abdl friendly diapers and good quality adult diapers as well. Honestly these websites pride themselves on discretion.. You can buy very well made and affordable re-useable products on Cloth Diapers, Adult Cloth Diapers, Baby Cloth Diapers - Babykins & Kins Products and Baby Pants, Adult Size Baby Products they both sell primarily cloth and re-usable items. The chances of you dealing with fraud on medical equipment sites is rare lol I wouldnt worry about it. I dont know why you would think you would be a victim of abuse, that seems to be a little extreme. You should be fine just using your regular bank card.. asuming you have your own bank account.

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    Are you married? is that why you can't just use your debit/credit card? I've ordered from north shore once or twice with no problems. (actually, I've never had a problem anywhere.)

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    well i am not being paranoid it's just i have no clue about how to protect myself from fraud very well in general and it just occurred to me that this could theoretically lead to possible embarrassing moments and i simply needed to make sure that this does not even get started and i am acutely aware that this could result in me being taken advantage of unusually easy due to lack of experience. i think i am just having a hard time trying to come to terms with the fact that this is just a part of who and what i am and i do NOT want anything to go wrong regarding my development of this at least in the beginning. i have been through enough suffering as it is for other issues completely unrelated to this and i also want to make sure that this does not break my budget which is why i am particularly interested in reusable stuff. as for my being married i am single unmarried no kids and i am christian and try to practice celibacy until MAYBE marriage. i use diapers to help keep control of my sexuality and at least not share that sin with someone else. i am 36. i chose the username accept symbolically as i have just accepted that this is just a part of who and what i am and seeing how all of a sudden i am part of a minority that can be stigmatized or worse i wanted to just to watch my back here.

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    the site that has what at least APPEARS to be the perfect diaper for me is as for everything else well that is just like bedding stuff and i can get that from anyplace that sells reuse-able products and i will never go out in public with this stuff on at least not anytime soon so conceal-ability will not be an issue.

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    i just looked up under that northshore link and realized that was the "Hawaii" based place never realizing that i just misspelled my message actually Crinkly so sorry for that. yes that was one of the sites i was visiting actually. i don't think it is in Hawaii in fact i don't even know how that got up there in retrospect. i have huge hands and a small keyboard here but i was at least rereading everything before i posted this.
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