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    Hey there,
    I am a French Canadian DL :P. I'm pretty well in English so don't worry. I'm students in computing science and although another simple guy .

    What brings me there should be my DL and IC side. The community seems great and I need a place where I can find some advice.

    Then about my DL and IC interest... My IC began when I was around five years old. I had a rough childhood then it was a kind of defense reaction. Then with the time I start to love being padded. It's only few years ago that I realized I was not alone with those interest. Now that I had move on my own, I can practice it as I want.

    Out of that I'm a normal young man who deserve to work in computing. I love technology and I'm a pretty sweet guy .

    I love video games, being developer would be one of my dreams. I love music and many other things.

    If you are interested to know more about me, feel free to comment below

    Bonne journée

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    Welcome to the forum. Im sure youll love it here, everyones really nice on the whole.

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    Salut et bienvenue sur Adisc !

    La communauté est très sympathique ici et très "open-minded" et ce peu importe la raison de ta présence. Bon, histoire que tout le monde ne soit pas perdu en lisant mon post, je continue en anglais.

    I hope you will have a great time here. If you like Video games, there is a dedicated section in the off-topic sub-forums if you want.

    By the way, what kind of music are you listening to ?

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    Merci Koda tu dois être parfaitement bilingue avec cette écriture . J'aime bien la communauté ici, moins tourner sur la perversité que ABK. Retournons en anglais :P

    My kind of music depend on my mood. Punk/rock/Metal/Pop/etc. It's verry various. It's more instrumental, as I'm not really able to fellow lyrics :P.

    About my video games, It's pretty same, I love many kind of them. Actualy I'm playind GTA and Raymans Legend :P. I have a performent computer, so I can run many games. I also have my brand new PS3 (bought her 2-3 mouths ago) and my Xbox. I think I've in total 100+ games. Also I had the oportunity to participate on a play test at Ubisoft, for the next Assassin's Creed! I'm so happy about it!
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    Welcome to this group! Hope you find the fun and advice you need.

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    I happen to know just this one thing in French.. enjoy. Oh yes. Just for interest's sake, I suggest you dig up Jet Boy Jet Girl, and compare them... I'm afraid the lyrics are a little saucy...
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    I think I just found a music style I'm not lovin'

    It's a bit far from my generation. Then lyrics of "Plastic Bertrand" are something I can't describe (First he speak too fast for me ( I don't imagine for you) and it scare me up )

    Some of my groups by kind of musics:

    Avenged Seven Fold
    System Of A Down

    Sum 41
    Three Days Grace

    Pop & Urban:
    Many others..

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