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Thread: 'Sleep Overs' Youth Pants?

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    Default 'Sleep Overs' Youth Pants?

    Hey Everyone!

    Sorry to create a new thread for this, I tried a search but couldn't find anything on these.

    Just a quick question. I've recently found these for sale here in Australia and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them? Sleep Overs Youth Pants, Large/x-large, pack 12: Health & Personal Care

    I'm not expecting them to be super absorbent or anything (as with most pull-ups) but how would you say they compare to an equivalent product such as GoodNites? How do they fit? I fit GoodNites perfectly so should these fit?

    (P.S. Don't be alarmed at that outrageous price, where I saw them was much cheaper. Just using the amazon site to show what I'm talking about.)

    Thanks in advance, Guys! Much appreciated

    - DN92

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    I have tried them before and they are pretty much exactly the same as the drynites (minus the designs that is as they are plain white). For me, i found that the fit was a little better for me with these then the large drynites so i suspect that they might be a little bit more roomier, either that or they end up stretching better. I also found that they didnt seem to loosen as quickly as the drynites do. So if you fit the drynites then you will be fine with these.

    Absorbency wise, im not really too sure as i have always found that the drynites leaked ... so knowing that drynites leaked on me i never tried using them.

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    Yeah they aren't too great. I love the cvs ones though. They are the closest to goodnites I think. If you get the "I played all day" ones then you have a colorful checkerboard on your butt hehe. the sleep comforts are plain white. I like having a checkered butt personally ;p got sick of goodnites. so i switched away and they're alot cheaper too

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    buck fifty apiece? get something better for that price.

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