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    Hi Folks

    My first post here ... my introduction after I got an email saying that I had just become a lurker. Not strictly speaking true ... I've been lurking for ages

    I'm just a normal everyday academic who just happens to have become used to wearing and using diapers. I have had years of urinary problems, and NEEDING to wear diapers has turned into LIKING to wear diapers. They're comfortable and convenient. They're part of who I am now ... part of me.

    I'm european, but currently working in SE Asia, where wearing diapers can be kinda hot, but I'm used to that.

    Anyone else in SE Asia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sillylittleman View Post
    Anyone else in SE Asia?
    I don't know where you are exactly but I know there was a forum for ABDL in Singapore. I don't know if it still exists though.

    I'm a bit curious, what kind of diapers are available in SE Asia ? Is this the same brand than in Europe/America or is there very specific brand ?

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    The only western brand of diaper I have found here is TenaSlip ... the European pattern (plastic outer) rather than the US kind.

    But there are a lot of Asian brands. Here I mostly use Dr P, which are very good. There's a thinner daytime type and an overnight type with an awesome absorbency. And they have little hearts printed on them!

    Also a brand called Elder Joy, which is chinese. Again, cute prints on them. They're pretty good.

    I can also get Japanese diapers, but never really liked those.

    It's funny here. People are very frank about adult diapers. They are called diapers ... none of the "slips" or stuff like that. They are diapers and that's what they call them. And they are sold in supermarkets, normally right next to the baby diapers.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    That's really interesting about the diaper selection. What country in SE Asia are you in if you don't mind my asking?

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    welcome to Adisc from me as well. I am curious as to whether you speak any Asian languages, and what they might be?

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