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Thread: Panic attack mid little space? What is this?

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    Default Panic attack mid little space? What is this?

    This is my first thread outside of my greeting, so bear with me lol.

    I'm a mix between ab and dl. I've only been wearing for the past couple of months, so a lot of things are new to me... But tonight, I had the most bizarre experience ever and I was wondering if anyone else has encountered it because it made me so uncomfortable.

    I was cruisin’ along just having fun in little space, sucking my paci and cuddling with my stuffies, and everything felt great and wonderful…

    And then I nearly had a panic attack in the middle of it… I have anxiety, so panic attacks are not that common. But this one that nearly happened literally came out of nowhere, usually I can feel them building up or coming on.

    I just felt so lonely… idk why… and helpless and overwhelmed.

    Like, I have nobody to take care of me. No one to love me and call me a little princess and chase sads away and cuddle me and hold me and tuck me in and give me kissies. I don’t even have another little I can just play with. But usually, those things don't bother me, because being in little space just feels so "right" and perfect...

    I haven’t just wanted to feel loved that much in such a long time… I just completely felt my heart drop to the pit of my stomach…

    And then it was followed with guilt and confusion — is this really me? Is this what I want? What do I really want? What if this isn’t really who I am? Is this just a phase? What if everyone in the ddlg/abdl community is lying to me? What if people in the community aren't genuine and try to manipulate me and use me? Is everyone just gonna leave, too? What if I’m alone forever? What if I never feel loved?

    In bdsm, they usually call something like this sub drop… Is this like little drop? lol.

    I went from one of the best feelings in a while to the worst ever very quickly…..

    Has anyone experienced something like this? I'm sorry if some things don't make much sense, I'm still really shook up...

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    Well, first I'd say panic attacks happen, if this was recently (withen the past hour or two) I HIGHLY recommend sipping a cold class of water and lay back (not flat, just back) with a wet paper towel on your forehead and remove yourself from all abdl related activities. I doubt that's what caused it but you'd need the time to relax and calm down. If the panic was anxiety induced (its actually common for most cases) I recommend also eating something small and healthy, like a small amount of fruit. It can work wonders.

    Second, loneliness is common among people like us. It may be a common-ish as fetishs go but its no where near to common in the general populace. Good things happen to the brave and the patient.

    Third, look at my avatar, I'm wearing a diaper inside and outside my fur skin and under my skirt. I'm not lieing to you as you can see evidence of it. You're never alone.

    Fourth, I've only experienced a sub drop once (its hard to have fun when your play time is solo) and it actually had nothing to do with abdl. This is coming from someone who finds it hard to sleep at night without my ankle cuffs on and my hand cuffs attached to my collar and my collar and ankles attached to the bedposts. Anyway, I can say sub drop is quite a... shock? I can't describe it.

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    I know what this is, I think, and I've totally experienced it myself. It seems like, when we actually regress pretty deeply - more than just the clothes and the toys, but emotionally, too - we can be extremely vulnerable and highly emotional. Being vulnerable can be good and bad. It's like you took off your adult suit of armor. I pretty much don't have any suit of armor, but from what I'm told, most adults do. Little kids really don't have that. And their hearts are on their sleeves. So when they are sad, they are really sad, when they are happy, they are really happy. Emotions are magnified. When you're panicked, then, you are really panicked.

    As one who struggles with anxiety issues, I have had panic attacks come up from out of the blue many times. I can't even express why or what happened or what triggered me. It really does feel like it came from nowhere at all. So this could be a natural effect of your anxiety, but just something that reared its ugly head at a coincidental time. Also, it could be that your higher emotional state combined with the vulnerability of being regressed caused something like extreme panic coupled with a lack of defenses up. The extreme panic flew right into you, with nothing stopping it at the door!

    The other issues you described, the guilt and confusion and sort of existential panic and fears about loss are really common, for me at least, during and after panic attacks. I think of those feelings as sort of after shocks. It's like you're upset about the fact that you had a panic attack at all, that you're the kind of person who has panic attacks, and then worry if people can love you. Will anyone love a person who has panic attacks and isn't perfect? Again, this might have felt especially intense in little mode, where emotions, good and bad, are strong.

    Also, feeling vulnerable is about the last thing you want to feel during a moment of what your body / mind thinks is a life and death situation. You don't want to expose your neck to an aggressive animal. You don't want to lay belly-up to a person holding a sword. You don't want to feel vulnerable while your body thinks you're definitely dying. And this is what happened to you. You were vulnerable during a fight or flight response.

    Wanting to feel loved in that moment sounds like a pretty appropriate response. You wanted someone to help you out, to hold you steady, and tell you that you were definitely not dying. What you wanted was safe support. Who could blame you! Panic attacks are rather indescribable to people who haven't had them, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone in the world - unless your life was actually at risk!

    You made a great choice in expressing yourself through writing and going to others for help! Let me be one of the first to tell you, that you'll be okay. Those negative thoughts are after shocks. You are afraid of not getting the thing you need most right now. *Holds you steady* You're definitely not dying. And a bunch of people besides me are going to read your words and take time out of our day/night to write to you and you will see that you are loved. You'll be okay, you are loved.
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    To me it seems that your starting to dig up feelings from an earlier time...perhaps when you were really little...

    It seems that you insecure and possibly been injured because of your vulnerability...or at least think that...

    Take a deep breath, remember there isn't anyone with reason trying to manipulate you into anything around here...

    Remember that if there is everyone on this forum will see and notice it...that's your assurance...

    So, you feel lonely and insecure today, you say your new to this as well...

    There is one thing that everyone should know, own your feelings, don't let them own you...

    Your feeling lonely, ok, say I'm lonely, then say what your plan of action is about it...

    First admit to the feeling, and that is yours, then what your going to'll be surprised...the feelings will either pass because they were interpreted wrong , or your plan will mitigate the feeling taking over and eventually you'll find out where that feeling came from...

    Every feeling you have stems from somewhere, you may know why, you may not remember, it may be buried in that deep dark scary corner where we all lock up the feelings we don't want to look at...

    Trust me, everyone has things like this that happen....sooner or later....

    Most of the people on here are exploring thier psyche and regress to explore things that may not be tangible to the adult hardened part of, we go to this care free taken care of mind set and let our guard down in our safe environment...

    Panic attacks happen when your unsure of an outcome...some may stuff that feeling away...some may confront it...some deny it....

    There are lots of coping mechanisms and when you are in a vulnerable space some of those guards are down...

    Try to just feel what is true, know there isn't an evil plot to manipulate you...and that your not alone...

    There are lots of people on here that will not judge you or poke fun of this at all...

    So, let the attack settle down, and look at the feelings and see what feels correct...

    More than likely it will be that in your past you have a need that wasn't met and your resentful you didn't get it...therefor if someone is willing to give it to you including yourself it must be a trick and will cost you something later...this however isn't true...that is the denial coming through...

    Everyone has the right to get the needs met...and we all have the ability to do that ourself...and if someone else is willing to help all the better...

    We are all adults on here...and have the ability to give ourself loving and unconditional acceptance...

    This is the reason for all this wierd stuff...a way to rectify or at least mitigat the damage caused in the past in a loving way...

    Please post back,

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    See, someone who can relate. Its essential to remember that there are always more, you're never alone. I may have been able to list statistics and minor medical response information but what he said is ultimately much more valuable in the long run.

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    Default you are by no means alone

    babys and little kids are shown love. People accept the need. Society says adults are to be strong and not have such needs, expecialy men. An ab in little mode with no one to give affection, in my case at least, can feel hated, rejected, neglected, and unloved. You are not alone in such feelings. I was going to make a far better and longer post, but the forum will not let me from my non-smart phone, and i have no home internet.
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    I can't relate to being regressed as its something I've never done but I do know what panic attacks and loneliness feel like as I have them visit me regularly. The advice above is very good except I need to add a bit about loneliness.

    I'm very familiar with questions like 'What if Iím alone forever? What if I never feel loved?' and after a long time struggling with these feeling I have come to realise that the only way to stop feeling like this is to work my butt off and find someone to love. Its a daunting task for someone my age and with the issues I have but I think everyone would agree that being loved will be worth all the blood, sweat and tears in the end.

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