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Thread: Seeing 'adult diapers' in dollar stores a lot lately

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    Default Seeing 'adult diapers' in dollar stores a lot lately

    Not that I'd really been looking or expecting to find them there but in the past couple of weeks the individually wrapped "protective underwear" has come to my attention in the last 3 stores I've shopped. I go into these places at least once a week but as I mention they seem to have come out of nowhere.

    I'm halfway curious to try one though how good could a dollar store frilly maxi-pad pullup turn out to be? A cheap laugh if anything, maybe it's a marketing strategy for the unfortunate people who have to resort to warming up cans of Mighty Dog for dinner, just slip a diaper or 2 in the bag; no telltale bulk

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    Should not be of terrible concern. These dollar; thrift; big-lots; bargain basement stores are getting no doubt first run merchandise that has been part of an insurance settlement
    with a fire damaged warehouse next door or perhaps the diaper may have had some kind of use date or was unsold merchandise from a firm in foreclosure bankruptcy etc.
    As long as the price is within your budget go for it. Most of these merchants have a return policy if the diaper was unsuitable. The ones that you used would/should be deducted
    from the refund/credit balance (most sellers just eat the cost and give full credit).
    Just consider it a lucky find that does not happen too often even more so if the size is right for you.
    Every now and then I read in one of these forums of a lucky diaper wearing individual snagging a bargain big time in a thrift/charity store and wish that lottery was mine.

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    My local Dollar General has had diapers for a long time. They sell their own label as well as some Depends pullups.
    I've never bought any there but they have a large low income base that goes there.

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