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Thread: Favorite types of music?

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    Default Favorite types of music?

    I listen to a lot of music that ranges from rock, rap, country, gospel and everything in between- including even classical music as well- I grew up kind of sheltered in a Christian home so what I listened to as a child a lot was gospel music and Christian kids music.

    With my aunt I listened to a lot of classic rock from the 70s and 80s- my grandpa was a huge country music fan- to the point where I was dragged to the Ohio State Fair at four years old to see Tennessee Ernie Ford perform... according to family lore- I fell asleep during the concert! LOL.

    However, I developed my own tastes- I love all kinds of music from all genres and artists from legends from the Beatles to the Beach Boys to Elvis to Johnny Cash to Eminem to Coolio. I love music- when I get in a mood, I'll listen to a song repeatedly on my computer and just sit back...

    Music, it doth have a way to soothe the savage beast.

    Just was wondering what people liked... and yes- I even am a Weird Al Yankovic fan as well- have even seen the man in concert three times!


    So- what do you all like- I know this was probably a topic in the past but music has been helping me deal with a lot of issues and I will admit- sometimes I listen to the same song for an hour or more...

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    Crap.. didn't see the other thread- mods can merge or delete this one..

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