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Thread: RIP Tom Clancy... you will be missed

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    Default RIP Tom Clancy... you will be missed

    Surprised no one has written about this before here- but one of my all-time favorite authors whom I began reading in 1990 after seeing The Hunt for Red October on an airliner between Cleveland and Los Angeles; Tom Clancy died...

    Many of you may remember him more for the video games based on his work like Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and so forth... I was a fan of Clancy before the games. Clancy has always been a favorite of mine. I had one day hoped to meet him and have him sign one of my hardcovers... sigh- a dream that will never happen now

    Clancy was a classic to me- he will be missed. My personal favorite book of his was Sum of All Fears; which was turned into a movie starring Ben Affleck in 2002 and the movie was NOTHING like the book- but still- I saw it in the theatre lol...

    He will be missed...


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    As good an author he is (I say is because literature never dies) its hard to overlook the fact that he also influenced the gaming industry and the genera of FPS and made it the success it is today. Halo and COD would exist but nothing would be the same. He made games mean something.

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    Amen... I have noticed some of what he wrote probably influenced COD Modern Warfare and Black Ops over the years as I play them... Clancy to me was a legend...


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    I honestly didn't know they'd made games of his books... I saw the Hunt for Red October, but that wasn't as good as the book. Like you, that was my first Clancy, and I never looked back. He was a brilliant writer, and 66 is too young. Such a pity. I loved the detail of his books; some find them way too long and difficult to read, but the effort he put into writing them is evident and it's supremely accurate too.

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    Amen... I LOVED the detail he had in his books- It was one of the reasons I read them all. In 1990 I saw the movie on the plane as I said and my aunt told me about the book- so when I got back to Ohio I checked the book out of my local library and read it- I was HOOKED. I still have all my old original soft-back novels I got when I was in junior high and high school- some are so dog-eared and rotten I had to replace them but I kept them! In the late 1990s-2000-2010s I've been buying what I can find in hardcover for my collection.

    I used to get some abuse from bullies for reading Clancy when I was in high school but you know what? To each their own... to each their own. I have always loved reading and in fact- I've been re-reading The Bear and The Dragon before he died- still reading it- and I always will read Clancy books. He will be missed by me- when his last book comes out in December I plan on buying it in hardcover to honor him!


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    I disliked his book The Bear and the Dragon, having one relative who is from China.

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    To each their own- I just happened to be reading it cause I was reading the books in a row like I like to do!


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    When Jack Ryan became President the storyline became more ridiculous less relevant and non-factual

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    R.I.P. Tom Clancy, I have always been a fan of his books and games, Especially the Splintercell series.

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    My first Tom Clancy book was "SSN". People say it wasn't the best of books (and could be construed as being a bit anti-Chinese), but my experience with the author's works kept getting better each time I encountered a new book.

    My all-time favorite is the Hunt for Red October: the atmosphere inside that book is palpable, fantastic, great

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