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Thread: Just don't know what's wrong

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    Default Just don't know what's wrong

    I've been feeling a little down lately, at least for the past month maybe month 1/2
    I never seem to have enough energy to do much of anything outside of my job (and even doing that is pushing it.)
    Everyday is the same to me, one day I wake up on Monday and the next on Thursday.
    People are starting to become more and more bothersome. Maybe it's just my personality.
    Maybe I'm getting depressed, but have yet to see anyone about it. I've taken multiple online tests (and I know most part they are not going to be accurate at all) but they all seem to point to the same conclusion.
    Maybe it's over stimulation. I would say I'm rather introverted and a "people person" job really is not a good fit.
    Is anyone else in the same position? Or has been?

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    I think the easiest way to try and figure out if it is exhaustion from introversion rather than depression, is if you can recharge your batteries (or not) by being alone on your days off? Do you get the weekend off? Do you feel better by Sunday? If you're not feeling better by Sunday (or your second day off), it sounds like you could be heading towards depression, perhaps, though you'd need a doctor to really tell you and try to help you out!

    When I am exhausted due to introversion issues, it can totally take a while to bounce back, but I usually do in the span of a couple hours up to a maybe 24 hours (of light social contact or even no social contact!) When I get into one of my spells from being socially tired, I definitely irritated, frustrated easily, have difficulty concentrating, just feel exhausted & very low energy, and life seems more boring - it's hard to get into my favorite shows or books, and even music can sound tinny and just not as good as it usually is. It feels like a headache without the pain (unless I also have a headache...)

    Depression, though, sounds a lot like this. General apathy, exhaustion, irritability. The best way to distinguish IMO is if you can recharge with your time off work, or not recharge.

    When I worked in rather sociable jobs it took me about an hour after work to be alone and sort of get my energy back. But, my levels of introversion aren't necessarily yours, and it sounds like your job is more people-oriented than mine were. The big sign for me, when I knew I had depression, was that I stopped cleaning up and stopped washing dishes and stopped doing laundry. I just let the apartment go, completely. I stopped taking showers. I basically stopped caring about the conditions I lived in. Also, when I was deeply depressed, I had very lackadaisical suicidal thoughts, where I'd consider it for half a minute and then decide it was too much work.

    Either way, even if it's just introversion, it sounds like your life is being affected. Whenever your life is being affected, that's when you need to seek treatment and help. That's the main thing for any mental health condition: Is it or isn't it affecting your quality of life? In your case, it absolutely sounds like your quality of life has gone way downhill. To me, this says you really should seek out help. If you think it's something too minor, just know that some people go to therapists just to talk about stuff even though their quality of life is just fine and dandy. So try to find one in your area if you can! I think it could really help you, no matter what the real problem is. And of course, they can help you figure out what's really going on!

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