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Thread: Forums?

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    Default Forums?

    Is this the only community on the internet that you are lurking or participating on? What other forums are you apart of?

    They do not have to be AB/DL involved, in fact I would prefer if they weren't.
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    I hang out on lots of other forums. Most are more BSDM related but occasionally diaper stuff pops up.

    Most would violate the no 18+ rule, so can't really list out any.

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    I spend a lot of time on the ones hosted on my own server, although that's mostly to keep up with technical issues

    Really this is the only forum I'm remotely active in that isn't a necessity type of thing these days. I used to be really active on a bunch of tech forums but I stopped visiting due to the flamewars driving me nuts and the admins who refused to do anything about the problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naleas View Post
    Is this the only community on the internet that you are lurking or participating on? What other forums are you apart of?
    Fun question! I really only talk on this forum, unless you count Reddit threads, Lol. I've lurked on, what is it, daily diapers? Not much, but a few times I've browsed their threads. They are waaaayyyy more crazy there, and it's kind of fun to see the naughty-side! Haha. I don't think I'd go there for support or off-topics or to make friends, though. I don't know. I bet they're okay, really, but I really do like the support-community feel here as far as participating!

    I wasn't really a forum kind of person until ADISC. I just, before, seemed to prefer chatrooms, like IRC and all that. On here, I never really went to the chatroom, maybe once to see? But no one really chats anymore on IRC. It's like, a room full of robots on IRC chats everywhere now. Robots and sleeping people.

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    I'm a member of one other site where I post but its got nothing in common with Adisc. This is the first forum that I've posted in that involves diapers as most of the other sites I've looked at are over-sexualised and creepy. On a side observation, I have noticed that a lot of the large forums that I used to post in have died over the last few years and I do wonder if its to do with the facebook generation and the twittersphere.

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    I'm on a few car forums, nothing specific I'm going to post here... for obvious reasons.

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    But I spend more time on Adisc because it's more diverse than the others.

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    I am on MusicBanter but I really want another forum or community to join, they are just so fun to meet new people.

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