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Thread: Where does everyone live?

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    Default Where does everyone live?

    Hey everyone,
    I have always wanted to ask people their actual age. And even the gender and where they live at. And if you want you could put your first name in unless if you are brave enough to put your full name in (I'm not brave enough hahaha) I just want to see if we can make some connections for people!

    I'm Jacob a male in Boise, ID I'm 21 and I'm a DL!

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    I'm Connor. A male in League City, Texas. I'm 19 year's old, and I'm a DL.

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    im David, boy, 21, live/Claim residence in Paducah Kentucky, though most my time is spent on the road as i drive a bus for a living.

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    I live in Arkansas.

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    I am eric 28, boy I live in Washington state I am a DL/AB

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    I am Woody, Age 55, Adult Baby.
    Salem, New Hampshire

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    I'm in in the good ole USA. Actually North Texas.

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    I'm on the CT coast!
    Didn't there used to be a map thing?

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