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    Default Need Help please :)

    Ok so to day i just got my self a samsung chromebook as i kind of like the hole idea but the problem i'm having is storing my videos i have a jvc HD camcorder but i can get the videos from the camcorder to the pc ? it just keeps telling me it dose not support it and i need to go to the app store but i don't even know what it is i am meant to be looking for ? i don't know what to do HELP!.

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    I'm using a chrome book right now

    I would guess its something to do with the file type you are trying to upload onto the chrome but without more detail its only a guess.

    If you can explain in detail what you are doing when it happens and what file types its having problems with I may be able to help. You can also take a screenshot using CTRL and Chromebook Window Switch key (F5) Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot-2013-01-05-at-15.57.53.png 
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ID:	18741 to show me what it says.

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    Hay its wired my camcorder has its own editing soft wear that has to be downloaded on to the pc no problem with windows but with this it just say it dose not support it and i need to go to the app store but thing is it dose not tell me what i need.
    Its all a little new to me as i have all ways used windows i cant even get skype on it so using my tablet for that.
    But if i put the SD card in i can put the pics on the hard drive but the videos will not play or i cant even get them up ? short i have no idea how to use this thing shame as i really like it what to do i just dont know.

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    JVC uses proprietary encoding for their videos by default. If you wish to transfer videos without needing a special program, shoot in MP4.

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    thanks for the info do i need to go into the camcorder settings for that ? sorry im not so great at tec stuff

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    Yes, it's usually under the settings menus. Something along the lines of "Video Codec" or "Video Quality 1080/720P - MP4"

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    Just had a look and under video quality its got (UXP) (XP) (SP) (EP) (SSW) (SEW).

    and Under video output is got 4:3 or 16:9

    so not seeing what you said but i really appreciate you taking the time to reply thank you.

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