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Thread: Obamacare Exchanges Open - Diapers Covered for Some

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    Default Obamacare Exchanges Open - Diapers Covered for Some

    Looks like my old thread was closed due to inactivity.

    Consider this thread part two. The Obamacare exchanges have now opened, and there's news on the diaper-coverage front.

    Thus far, I can't get straight answers from insurance providers on diaper coverage - on either physical or psychological grounds. I suspect HHS has yet to issue a formal ruling, hence the lack of firm statements by insurers when I ask.

    To be honest, I can't even get most basic coverage questions answered at the moment... by the time I get to diapers, the insurers are usually exhausted from repeated "I/we aren't sure yet's"

    The good news is that the truly poor can, in most states, now get diapers covered. You can now pre-order Medicaid coverage if you are below 400% of the federal poverty level - and Medicaid does provide coverage for diapers. More importantly, diapers are covered for all conditions, unlike in some other countries were psychological conditions are barred.

    I'll keep people posted on what I find out on non-Medicaid coverage. But, regardless of if you will ask for a script for diapers, if you are poor, go sign up for Medicaid if you are eligible. Some states have opted-out of the Medicaid Expansion, so you'll have to check with your state's insurance exchange online.

    If you have a serious medical condition and qualify for Medicaid, but live in a state that has opted-out, I would urge you to consider moving to a state that is opting into the Medicaid Expansion if at all possible before year's end. You'll finally be able to get treatment for your chronic conditions. If you move after January 1, you may have to wait until the following calendar year to get Medicaid benefits.
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    Just don't anyone be fooled into thinking you are going to be getting premium diapers threw medicaid. They have lists of products that are covered, and the best I have ever found on these lists is the Tranquility ATN. It is a good option for people who otherwise couldn't afford incontinence supplies (something is better then nothing!). Incontinence supplies are expensive and this is one area they continually try to cut costs, so keep in mind that even if you do find a half decent diaper, they continually change the products they cover.

    What the insurance companies will cover I predict will be even worse, think the cheapest paper thin Kendall Wings (the type they use in hospitals and nursing homes!)

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    Tranquility meets the cutoff for quality in my book. I haven't looked too hard, I am sure some medicaid provider offers Abena's full line. The trouble is in states that control DMEs with single bidders. Then you get institutional crap.

    As to insurance, depends on your plan. If you have a PPO, you often can get reimbursed for what you buy, you just may have to bear some of the cost yourself (coinsurance).

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    OK I'm going to be the first to say this exception is not gonna end well for us. we are already socially shunned for the most part and now your talking about leeching off welfare for sexual gratification. This will not look good on our part. especially if people find out about it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    and from a finacial stand point Obama Care is estimated by a few sources to either Hike already high federal and state taxes or bankrupt the Government, as well as destroying the private sector. i lost my health insurance at my last job and was forced to quit and find a job elsewhere BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE.

    so sufice to say obamacare needs to fail for the betterment of our country's finances

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    Wolfpack, actually your last company dropped medical coverage to save money since they figured you can pay for it yourself. It's not the fault of obamacare it's the company being cheap and greedy.

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    I agree, obamacare is causing my moms company to take away her coverage. She realy needs it to. And charging someone money for being too poor for insurance is idiotic, illogical, and offencive. Seems he took healthcare and made it many times worse but meh not the place for a debate.

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    Luckily or unluckily, there's the NHS in good old UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by KawaiiBabyjenni View Post
    Wolfpack, actually your last company dropped medical coverage to save money since they figured you can pay for it yourself. It's not the fault of obamacare it's the company being cheap and greedy.
    You are 100% wrong, sorry. I am a manager for a small business. I won't go into what we do, but we have more then 50 total employees so anyone working 'full time' must be offered health insurrance in accordance with the affordable healthcare act (Obamacare). The only way we are able to not lock the doors and close down the entire company is to limit the number of full time employees to under 15. If we were to offer insurrance to even 1/4 of our total employees, we could no longer afford to stay open. And, bare in mind that Obamacare states that anyone working over 30 hours is fulltime. So over 80% of our staff has to be kept under 30 hours. We are not being greedy as a company or cheap. We are following the only path we have that allows us to funcation.

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    The success of your business is not the govt's problem. You need to stop blaming everything on the govt. businesses both fail and succeed that is the nature of small businesses.

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    Our business is doing just fine. We are far from failing. And I did not blame the government for any failure, nor give credit for our or any other businesses success.

    What I did do is make clear that the AHA (aka Obamacare) is horrible on so many levels. The one in particular I am speaking on which is realivent to this discussion is the fact that many companies are not dropping coverage, but rather their number of full time (or total) employees simply because they can not afford to offer health insurrance. This thread, and really this forum, is not the place to discuss the matter.

    I would ask that you not attempt to twist, redirect, or make my statement seem as though I'm saying something I am not.

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