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Thread: Worst Star Trek EVER

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    Default Worst Star Trek EVER

    Okay, I wasn't a member of this site when the newest Star Trek movie came out so I missed all the threads discussing it.

    This is just for fun. Most trekkers have arguments about the best captain, best series, etc.

    I thought I'd start a discussion about the WORST Star Trek stuff. The categories are;

    Worst character
    Worst movie,
    Worst episode
    Worst captain
    Worst line

    My choices are;

    NEELIX for worst character (Wesley was a close second)

    THE FINAL FRONTIER for worst movie (what were they thinking when they let Shatner direct?)

    SPOCK'S BRAIN for worst episode (a remote controlled Spock with his brain missing)

    CAPTAIN ARCHER for worst captain, totally bland

    Worst line; "GET THAT CHEESE TO SICKBAY!" from Voyager's 'Learning Curve' episode

    I posted this discussion here because the group hasn't been too active if anyone's wondering.

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    Worst character: Wesley - even the actor hated the character
    Worst movie: toss up between insurrection and final frontier
    Worst episode: so many bad ones, I can't even choose
    Worst captain: Janeway from voyager - they took the whole "woman in command position" thing too far and made super-captain! She knows more about everything than everyone. You get the impression that the rest of the crew are just there for her convenience.
    Worst line: same with worst episode, way too many to pick one

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    Oh oh... you had to do this, hadn't you

    Worst character(s) - That one is actually difficult in my opinion, there's a number of characters I would like to forget, but they're pretty competitive if there should only be one:
    TNG: Data's evil twin "Lore"... & Wesley ...
    Voyager: Neelix ...
    DS9: Jake Sisko... damn, so entirely useless.
    Enterprise: T'pol - Don't get me wrong, I like my vulcan girls in skin-tight cat suits just as much as the next guy, an she has quite a body to show... but aside from that, awful attempt at a vulcan character

    Worst movie - Generations, First Contact and Insurrection... all equally bad in my book.
    Worst episode - Maybe "let he who is without sin" from DS9 and when Jane in Voyager has her encounters with Leonardo Davinci on the Holodeck.
    Worst captain - Jane...
    Worst line - can't remember.

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    I agree with Janeway...where did they find the only female actor who failed out of the Patrick Stewart acting school.

    Frankly, I got bored with TNG after a bit and never even bothered much with the other spin offs.

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    Been so long I seen the TV series can not really remember some of it.

    Worst character Tasha Yar I think name was
    Worst movie Its between Generations, Insurrection and Final Frontier
    Worst episode dont remember name but remember it was the last ep of ToS
    Worst captain Archer
    Worst line can not remember any I thought was bad, tho I know there was some.

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    Worst character? Jake sisko. No one wants to see a captain's son grow up to be a writer.
    Close second: Riker sans beard. He didn't get good til he got facial hair.
    (Why all the Wesley hate? I liked him once he got a bit older. Adult Wheaton is a punk. Who cares if he didn't like his own character. I like Wesley a lot more than his real life counter part)
    Worst captain? Sisko. He wasn't even a captain too what... The fifth season or something. They should had made worf in charge of the whole station.
    Worst episode? The one where jake and his dad make that ancient bijoran 'sail ship'. Any episode that heavily focuses on the worst character and the worst captain can't be good.
    Worst movie? The one where data dies *teardrop*

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