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    Default New DL Member here!

    I'm Mike and am a huge DL fan. I have enjoyed wearing diapers for most of my life and am very interested in meeting others that share that same interest. Its nice meeting others that wear diapers because I can be 100% myself around them. I feel that most of my life I have always had to hide the fact that I love diapers and here I can be me and talk about diapers without being judged. Would like to someday meet a girlfriend that also loves to wear diapers as much as me if not more.

    I wear about 60% of the time because work and some non diaper friends don't allow me the freedom to be me and I wouldn't really want them to find out either. I love the comfort and feeling of being in my diaper dry or wet. It is just a feeling that is hard to explain but we all know here that it is great!

    I enjoy doing active things in me free time such as skiing, biking, and hiking. I like going out to see live music with friends and to social gatherings. I also enjoy landscaping at my home and making the yard a fun place to hang out.

    I found this forum from a blog post and decided to sign up!


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    Quote Originally Posted by mjlski View Post
    I'm Mike
    Nice to meet you, Mike! Yes, this forum is pretty nice for talking about our more personal sides that we normally hide. It can be a relief, to at least see that you aren't alone!

    You sound like a really social kind of person! What music are you into? What's a typical weekend for you? Sounds like parties in your backyard! Awesome!

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    Hi Frogsy! Thanks for your reply. I like blues and classic rock, it's fun going out and seeing local bands in my area. Sometimes I go diapered My weekend is different all the time. Some weekends I just hang around the house and play in my diaper and others I'm out skiing. I occasionally do entertain on weekends, its fun to have fires in my pit.


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