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Thread: CVS "Goodnites"/Sleep Pants, other discontinued diapers?

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    Default CVS "Goodnites"/Sleep Pants, other discontinued diapers?

    I was at CVS and picked up some store brands to test out and i found this one "Sleep Pants" made by them. Its checkered with blue, green, orange, purple, blah blah... well i like them a lot because they hold enough like goodnites and i kind of got sick of the goodnite's designs. Did they discontinue it? i can't find it online or the other store. i need to run back to this one particular CVS, but hoping i can just go to any one along the way.

    I kind of like collecting diapers from about 2000 onward. Anybody find any "rare" finds either in store or just got lucky? I was hoping to find some lion king Huggies Overnites, just to see what they look like.

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    Yeah, they still sell them here. They slowly change stock here.

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    I have been wearing goodnites and Underjams for a very long time. I am looking forward to trying CVS brand. I have tried the
    plain white and they fit me very well. Sometimes I wear jams,with goodnites and plastic pants. Just love the bulky feeling.

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    Yeah. the underjams have stepped up their game and now puffier than the goodnites and now fit better. i just wish the side didn't tear so easily >.< they are good to sleep in but not great for being out and about. so its fun to use it as a stuffer or just throw an actual adult diaper over it. CVS are the best for me now. Goodnites losing points for going smaller in size and puffiness so sad

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    I agree dlove, UnderJams drive me crazy when their sides tear so easily! If it wasn't for that, they would be perfect. I find them more comfy, more absorbent and less prone to leaks. But those darn sides.

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