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Thread: Baby Boy for Halloween costume?

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    Default Baby Boy for Halloween costume?

    Myself & friends have yearly Halloween parties, and there's always a theme to the costumes. This year we're going with most risky costume. I decided to possibly go with being a baby, but once I got everything and tried it on I'm wondering if it gives off the 'risky' look or just a WTH look. XD

    Any thoughts would be helpful? My girlfriend has seen the pics and is now demanding I go as a baby to the party, but figured I would see if anyone agrees before going through with it. Pics below.

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    im not here to tell you what to do. but i dont think this is the time or the place for something like this to be done. i think its a bit much. maybe if you just dressed childishly with the diaper undeneath it might be more accepatble. again tho its your choice in the end but thats what i think.

    i hope it works out for you no matter what you decide to do ok.


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    Uh yeah that costume is way too much. Hell it's mostly the lack of costume that's horrible about it. Like tennismad said just wear childish clothing or something. Don't go bare diaper dude...

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    I believe most people would consider that an "inappropriate" / "in bad taste" halloween costume.

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    It would depend on where the party is and how others are dressing. I would say if you are dressed with as much/little clothing as others then go for it. I have gone to parties in just a diaper and it was fine. If going as a baby and your girlfriend is for it then yes. But maybe go with a Bambino diaper and give her extras in a diaper bag to bring along just in case. Your young and can pull it off have fun.
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    in no way would i do what your doing

    but i respect you for the guts and courage you have

    I would go with a bambino teddy (my prefrence). I would also maybe wear a t-shirt with some kind of babyness or maybe a a onesie :\ also bring along accessories but not to much. maybe a bib pacifer/bottle. Just have fun with it.

    I wanna see the final outlet to be honest.

    NO Aclohol for baby

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    Looking good! If you got the zones roll with it man, not enough people out there who take chances

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    okay no offense meant, i really do not mean to be hurtfull. But better something be said. Maybe if by risky they mean way controvercial then it is fine. But to me it screams fetish whore again i mean no disrespect! Just that i would be incredably uncomfortable anywhere near someone dressed thus. And you may provoke many bad reactions or be charged with perhaps public indecency, etc. If i was ray taking a child trick or treating and we saw that, i would be outraged. Consider a obvious diaper under some footy pjs and a paci and plushie. Then it clearly says baby without provoking extreme reactions. Again just trying to save you trouble.

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    I probably should have also pointed out it's a private party, all of us are close friends (there's about 30 people coming) and we're all anywhere from about 22-27 years old.

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    ah well if they are not likely be be bothered by such things go ahead. But i recomend something cover you till you get there

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