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    Talking Wow!

    Hi everyone.

    I'm amazed and stupefied at how far things have come in online community since, well, since before I found this site. I'm a DL (usual story, wanted to wear them as soon as I got them off) and it's been a few years since I've bothered to look online. (I googled my way here, eventually.)

    I'm actually really really amazed at how alive and polite and real this place seems to be. How long have you been around without me knowing? Anyways...

    I'm a philosopher and a gentleman , better with computers than I like , worse with horses. I have a dog and a cat, and they make my life go round (and round and round ; I'm amazed at the energy that puppy has.)

    I live in Ontario, and spend what time I can in BC, doing smartypants things for whoever will hire me. I'm really excited to meet all of you!

    (Sorry about all the animated smileys, they're just so cute and easy to abuse. )

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    Welcome to the site. Good thing you decided to check around or else we couldn't have met you lol.

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    Also, welcome to the site. This site is quite diverse, so there are interesting things going on all the time. The site used to be under another name, but crashed and lost all it's data. It came back on line in January under it's present name. I've been on since March, so I'm not familiar with it's original history, but a few others are. Anyway, enjoy the site and feel free to either start threads or post to other's threads.

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    Welcome. If you think this amazing, consider growing up during a time when there wasn't the Internet? I can remember a time that I didn't even know there was other people like myself. I found out through reading adult magazines, which connected me to DPF and Adult Playpen (out of Seattle).

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    Quote Originally Posted by dprdinky View Post
    Welcome. If you think this amazing, consider growing up during a time when there wasn't the Internet?
    The internet is a series of tubes.

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    nice intro thread, u made me smile by reading it, welcome to adisc and enjoy ur stop

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