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Thread: Hurah for Cooler Weather!

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    Default Hurah for Cooler Weather!

    Dang cool out this morning, through on a light jacket along with heading out padded. Who else is a fan of cooler weather when it comes to the DL side of things? No sweating, stay warm, no chaffing, peeing warmth feels awesome, easier to wear concealing clothing if need be....

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    I love it being padded on a cold snowy day. Staying inside with a nice diaper on curled up on the couch .

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    The current weather and what is coming can screw itself in my books.
    I love spring, I love summer... dislike winter.
    Well autumn, the warmer days are nice - the rest... to hell with it.

    I prefer to sweat like a pig than to almost freeze to death.

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    I like it as well. Be glad to be able to turn off the AC and sleep better with my Dependeco AIO and footie sleeper. Also during the day when out and about won't
    sweat as much in my diaper.

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    im new to this site and was curious on how to start my own topic that makes sense

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    I love cooler weather, I've spend my life growing up in CA and NC so its always nice to have cool weather. I love heavy clothes, they've always been my style, plus they make wearing easier. I really hate sweating my brains out, and i definitely enjoy running the heater over the A/C. If it snows, it doesnt matter what day it actually snows, but to me that day may as well be christmas. I really like Ice/sleet too. My birthday is in January as well, so just another reason to look forward to winter.

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    I'm padded every day so the weather doesn't make much difference to me these days.

    However, I start every morning with a six mile run so I don't miss the hot, humid weather which tends to make me feel a bit zonked for the rest of the day after my run. The only problem I have with the current weather is that I know it's a prelude to the freezing cold temperatures of winter.

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    This will be my first fall and winter padded. I'm really excited for it and expect it to be very comfortable.

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    I like the cooler weather since I wear all time. But, a Bambino, shorts, and a Tee are perfect in the summer. It never really gets too hot or too cool in Northern California, but I do always enjoy the mild seasonal changes.

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    Well I've always loved cold weather and this will be the first padded fall/winter so I'm curious how it'll turn out

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