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Thread: Goodnites Changed ?

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    Default Goodnites Changed ?

    I wear good night everyday I have noticed on the last pack I bought they seem smaller is it just me or did they change ?

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    My latest purchase is probably a few weeks old...but no change, and a good batch with no easy tearing. Thing is there can be big differences in the supply stream, and when we each get a new batch. Sure would be a bummer, would like to see them just a tad larger. Maybe you just got a bad batch?

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    maybe I hope so I sure love them and I agree just a tad bigger would help lol

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    I've also noticed they are a tad bit smaller.

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    Check the number in the package. P&G has reduced the quantity on the baby line over the last month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post
    Check the number in the package. P&G has reduced the quantity on the baby line over the last month.
    If I'm correct P/G is the maker of Pampers/Underjams. Goodnites' head company is Huggies, not made by Proctor/Gamble.

    My dread is when the changes filter down to the store brand versions, though if all they did was start printing designs on them I'd be fine with that

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    I bought a pack several weeks ago and I believe they are smaller. They're close to the same size, but they seem smaller to me.

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    They have a new underwear like design which is smaller officially, its supposed to compete with the Underjams and be easier to hide under pajamas, but they cut them lower and they are smaller, so in fact, they just reduced the cost of production so they can make more profit, they don't really care about the kids, the profit is what they care the most... 2nd is the kids so they aren't bad product, but they make them cheaper now...

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    I knew they were shorter kinda disappointed being that's all I wear and that fit me good

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    I think there smaller too

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