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Thread: 2 weeks

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    Default 2 weeks

    my girlfriend we have been together for over 3 months now and in 2 weeks i am going to her apartment and me she said she would baby me for the weekend i am so happy alittle backround info i am 21 and she is 19

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    Sounds like something good. Have a good time and enjoy.

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    Thanks for making us all jealous lol have a good one!

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    i already set up all the rules to her i cant talk or do anything for myself bathroom is off limits i need to be fed changed and bathed omg i cant wait this is gonna be the best anniversary present ever!!!!

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    Default 5 days

    then i will be babied by my girlfriend for 2 days i made sure to bring lots of diapers bottles wipes and toys i cant wait she is giving me the best anniversary present i could ask for!!!

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    Your anniversary is a whole lot different than the one my wife and I just had. Congrats never the less.

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