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Thread: Got my Girlfriend to wear for the first time!

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    Default Got my Girlfriend to wear for the first time!

    So I finally got my girlfriend to wear a diaper and it is interesting how this whole situation played out because I didn't have to tell her about any of my DL or age play fantasies.

    I'll preface this by saying we have been in a relationship for more 3 years and have a very solid relationship. We are both seniors in college and we both see each other together in our future.

    So I had been debating whether or not to tell her about the whole DL thing for over a year but never could find the right time or moment to do it which was frustrating to me. I just felt like she would look at me differently and that idea scared me.

    The reason why I am so happy is because I got her to wear so naturally and it wasn't awkward at all. A few weeks ago she was out with her friends having fun and she ended up accidently wetting herself because the line was too long for the bathroom. This is where it all started. After she told me I started poking fun at her and told her she needed pull ups and so on. this went on for a couple weeks and one night after a few drinks I told her I would be too nervous to buy pull ups at the store and she laughed and said if I bought them she would wear them.. Well I guess she didn't think I would muster up the courage to actually buy them but I did and she was shocked but she thought it was funny.

    She said she would put one on for 10 seconds then take it off and I said okay.. She ended up liking it and I kept telling her how adorable she was in them so she could tell it made me happy. She slept in them all night it was an awesome experience and was almost surreal because I could only imagine that happening before. So now I keep her little pull up stash in my drawer next to all my boxers! Its weird having diapers in my room that she knows about and we share this little secret together now.

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    Ok, so the first thing is she may like you enough to just go with it for now and ask you not to buy more. On the other hand you may have just fulfilled her fantasy too.

    Also did you tell her about the ab/dl side of why you thought she was so cute? It sounds like she will do anything for you, so if you explain why you like her in diapers she will probably have no problem with it.

    Honesty is the key.

    I sincerely hope that it works for you.

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    Yeah yeah youre right I'm just trying to see where it goes from here.. right now its just a fun thing between us. She knows what an AB is because she saw some bullshit on TV which we all know is the worst place to first encounter it. I would say it worked out pretty well because our relationship parallels a DD/LG relationship to some extent with the way we act towards each other.

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    Unfortunate, hopefully when you explain that's its not all creepy attention seeking behaviour you can convince her to go along with it.

    I know it's not an easy battle. A friend of mine was convinced that all furies were people in animal skin that ran out into the forest at night to have sex with animals and other furies whilst howling. O.o not a fun conversation.

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