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    Bonjour et je m'appelle Steve! Je suis tres content a etre ici. J'ai demarre sympathie chouche quand j'ai ete onze. J'aussi joue rugby

    Rough Translation:

    Hello, my name is Steve! I am very happy to be here. I started liking diapers when I was 11. I play rugby.

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    Using my terrible knowledge of French from limited lessons from my Canadian BF, I'm going to translate this.

    Hello and my name is Steve! I have very happy to ice! ( I'm very happy to be here?) I sympathetically marry diapers when I ... was ..eleven... ( I liked diapers since I was eleven?) And also I play rugby. (Right??)

    Bonsoir, Steve! ..... ..... *shakes hands* *nods and smiles* Not many people here speak French, which also includes me, but if you use some kind of translator I'm sure we'll get the main points of stuff you write!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevehunter View Post
    Bonjour et je m'appelle Steve! Je suis tres content a etre ici. J'ai demarre sympathie chouche quand j'ai ete onze. J'aussi joue rugby
    Hey Steve!

    Well it's very nice to meet you. ADISC is an English speaking forum though, if you don't know English very well you can use Google Translator to provide your translations! (It works quite well )

    I hope that you share more about yourself, like what is your favourite movie?

    Translation provided mostly by Google Translate

    Salut Steve!

    Eh bien, c'est très agréable de vous rencontrer. ADISC est un forum anglophone cependant, si vous ne savez pas très bien l'anglais, vous pouvez utiliser Google Translator fournir vos traductions! (Cela fonctionne très bien )

    J'espère que vous partagez plus sur vous-même, comme ce qui est votre film préféré?

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    Hello Steve; I assume being in Toronto you do speak English... My high school French serves me well enough to translate FROM French, though I have a rougher time translating TO it. Just for the sake of curiosity, are you on ABKINGDOM? As far as I can tellit appears to be a "complete diaper site" meaning it not only has the equivalent of Adisc's "Diaper Talk forum" but has places onsite for live contact, event planning and notification, and that sort of thing. I don't speak anything but English. but I am interested in what resources are available for abdl's in other languages.

    I believe abdl communities online exist in these languages: Dutch, German, Japanese, Swedish (possibly covering Norwegian and Danish.)

    Doubtless you know Adisc's focus is on providing support to abdl people, and from them. This would included diapered folks in general, including incontinent people, and furries (babyfurs and diaperfurs,) as well as the ageplayers in general.

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    I'm French and there is a lot of syntax/grammar/etc error. The person had used an traductor or it's his second language. Toronto is an English city of Canada, french is them second language.

    It would be :

    Bonjour, je m'appelle Steve! Je suis très content d'être ici. J'ai commencé à aimer les couches alors que j'avais 11 ans. Je joue aussi au rudby.

    Then ressources in French are poor. Site as abkingdom is more about sharing them trashy things. Personally I don't like this community and it's the only one in French. So that's why personally I'm there.

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