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Thread: Dressing childishly?

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    Default Dressing childishly?

    Anyone dress rather immature for their age, intentionally or otherwise?

    This is honestly a reason I stay away from t-shirts. I am largely attracted to the cute novelty ones... Welovefine and Hot Topic would be the death of me if I gave in. I have the fashion sense of a middle school girl, not someone in college. Even if I stay away from t-shirts I tend to dress way too "cute".

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    Honestly, while there has been a similar thread I feel it's a fun topic haha. In short, my answer is: all the [email protected] time, or at least it tends to be a rarity for me to wear "mature" clothing. I have awesome hats (tigger, a plush dale hat, an owl toque, etc) . Dale of course being Disney's chip and Dale. I have numerous childish tshirts and hoodies and a jean jacket (while that last one may not seem childish it makes me feel childish cuz I wore one just like it all the time as a kid). I have cartoon shoes (unfortunately not the light up style not but instead converse which is awesome too). I have a Disney book bag with Disney added and always wear a small stuffed wolf on my belt loop.
    Oh! And I have a mickey mouse watch that is actually meant for kids but fits my small wrists.
    Hope that was thorough enough hehe. As you can see I just love talking about that stuff and I actually have more stuff that just isn't stuff I tend to wear outside and stuff simply because they are bankets and pajamas, though everybody that knows me knows about them.

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    Oh god yes, all the time.

    I swear Marvel will be the death of me! I still like wearing Chino's and checked shirts, but I just love cartoon/comic/fiction t-shirts, iphone cases, boxers, PJ's (or 'lounge pants' as they're so called) just anything. Mostly I go for Iron Man/Avengers, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Sherlock, Video Game characters ect.

    Unfortunately I'm not cute, but here's my latest iPhone case design
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    I wear Disney lion king, Tigger, and Stitch t shirts at the moment. Prob will get more off of later.

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    100% of my crossdressing wardrobe is childish and i wouldnt have it any other way kids/teens have awesome clothes.

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    I will on occasion, wear my bib overalls out, and sometimes with a kiddish striped shirt.

    Does anyone remember how Willow dressed in the Buffy the Vampire series? I was always amazed how little kid she dressed, also in her bib overalls.

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    Sadly I don't dress young at all. I wear solid colors, always long sleve and pants. Even if its 100+ f degrees, i'll stlil be wearing long sleve shirt with pants lol. I stopped wearing shorts and short sleves at around 9 years old.

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    Hell yeah!

    Today I'm wearing my transformers shirt...large logo on front...and shorts...

    I also have other shirts like old school batman, and some newer styles like Lego star wars and such...

    I usually grab what's on top of my pile of clothes...and right now seem to either be beer shirts or kid shirts...a few computer geek shirts too...

    Considering when I was in school as a kid it's about the same wardrobe as middle school, maybe even grade school...

    Yes, I wore beer shirts to school, and in high school parked my Toyota in the lot with shotgun or rifle in it every day durring hunting season...

    That was normal back then, he'll, my junior high had a shooting range and .22 rifles for teaching hunting safety...

    Anyhow, yes, usually wear clothing much younger than I am...

    I've mentioned it on here before, my Lego shirts get attention every time I'm out...

    Last year at Applebee's my gf ordered a bottle of wine...waitress brought it over and one glass...

    I said I need a glass too...then I got gf is 4 years younger than the time I was 40 so, it was funny...

    I was taken by surprise at first, thought it was a joke...then the waitress said no id no alcohol...huh? Must have looked really young at that point.

    And about 4 years ago, with another gf...don't ask!...anyhow I was picking up beer for the house...just some after work brew fir the crew...

    I had one of her kids 19 at the time...the lady asked about him, I said he's with me...

    She said your not old enough to have a kid that she carded me...her answer was, guess you are that old...

    Anyhow, dress in what you want!

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    Yes, all the time, daytime is always a diaper and plastic, and if allowed, a little sissy dress, bed time, a night diaper, booster, heavy plastic, and a baby girl nightie, what more could a sissy ask for, giggles

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    Quote Originally Posted by KidSpike13 View Post
    I have cartoon shoes (unfortunately not the light up style not but instead converse which is awesome too).
    I've been wanting light-up sneakers for a while but I can't find any of them in adult sizes.

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