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Thread: No little time?

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    Default No little time?

    What happens when you don't get your little time? I know when I don't get some little time I tend to get angry and mean. I wanted to asked this question because I don't see anything like this on the site.

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    Not being able to do little-stuff doesnīt really influence my behavior.
    It sucks sometimes, but usually whenever Iīm in the mood and donīt have the time, I just suppress the desire
    and tell myself to think of something else.
    Works fine. ... Most times :3

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    For me little times is so important. If I do not get enough little time it will eventually just over power everything and take control. I find that if I have some shorter times of baby time each day it does not get to the boil over point. I like to be in control of my baby side for the most part. But if I ignore it for too long it just takes over and then I do not have fun when that happens cause I am not the happy go-lucky baby that I usually am.

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    If I don't get my little time or it gets cut short then i get in a bad state of mind.

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    It depends on how little I'm feeling at the time. If it's not bad, I can usually suppress and ignore it. If it is bad, I can still control it but things that keep me away from little time (like being called in to work unexpectedly) will annoy me much more than they should. I try not to get angry and mean but it has happened a couple of times unfortunately.

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    If i don't get little time i too find myself cranky, depressed, and i trend to snap at people.

    Sometimes i will take a day off and stay home diapered

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    Yup same kind of thing i don't get angry as such i tend to shut down or isolate my self. So for me having little time is like going to the moon and back its all ways very exciting and new and i love it
    In saying that tho some days i am happy being big Leo looking forward to many new and exciting things but remembering to keep my little self by my side at all times .

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    I get grumpy or edgy if I don't have my little time when I normally would. There are times I look forward to my little self, and knowing that I can indulge during the weekend gets me through my hectic week. If for some reason, I don't have the weekend, I'll feel a bit down.

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    If It's over a few days or weeks, then I'll just day dream more when I'm bord. other wise I just keep busy and ignore it. I don't identify "my little side" as being seperate. Being little is just one of my likes, like playing games online, and programming. same goes for other activities, like if I don't play online games for awhile I'll day dream about them to lol..

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    Well I don't really think it has never been a problem for me really because I have a tendency to act how I'm thinking/feeling.So if my lil side pops up I tend to just go along with it as much as I can but of course I can't always go along with it and when that happens I get really annoyed for awhile till something distracts me and I forget (Thank you ADHD)

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