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Thread: Is it true that DL's are more direct sexually active than AB's with their diapers/fetish?

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    Lightbulb Is it true that DL's are more direct sexually active than AB's with their diapers/fetish?

    I am sure -like a lot of people on our forum here- that we have taken a long long way to discover and accept ourselves. For me especially as a DL. One of the early leads for me was the website from 'The Den of Bittergrey', a real help to clear things out. (see Understanding Infantilism )

    So, now I red some article about defining a main difference between DL's and AB's, about the fact that DL's often use their diapers to fulfill their sexual needs. Al sorts of 'tools' are allowed, from extremely wet thick diapers, or thin diapers, plastic pants, bedwetting with diapers, accidents with diapers, going out diapered, you name it. The result always, in the end, to fulfill your sexual needs and then that's about it.

    Well, this little polarized view may sound rude, but let us suggest this is only about me. I really really do not intend to insult someone, It is not written to get the facts 100% covered, but more as an example, as a global image of a DL, thus, first think it is me, then, think further

    Then, let me assume the following is true:

    AB's are more into role play things. They want and they create a certain environment. Diapers are just a little part of that environment. They want paci's, a box, playing things, onesie's, you name it. There are even people that build furniture 'adult size', wonderful! It may be (but I only assume it for the picture here) that AB's often don't at all use their diapers to get their sexual fulfillment.

    Question 1 to you: Do you agree with my thoughts?

    and then...

    Question 2 to you: Is it then possible to be a DL and an AB at the same time?

    I would like some depth here in our forum, so I invite you to respond

    (Note: My native speech is not English, so please excuse me if there are typo's or you detect 'cocktail party English' )

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    I guess I'm not positive how it works for other people, and I have definitely heard of ABs that are sexual when in baby mode. But for me, I sort of separated the two sides. When I'm in my normal 'adult mode' I do get sexual gratification from diapers, although mainly in a sort of BDSM kind of way. When I'm little, it's more about emotions and innocence and a kind of freedom, with no kinky or sexual play. I want my little side to be treated very much like one would treat a real child, so obviously with no sexual interaction. But since there is the word 'adult' in 'adult baby' some people do have sexual play when in little modes, and that's fine, because they are actually adults with adult minds.

    So I've heard of both non-sexual and sexual adult babies. I don't think it's accurate to say every AB is non-sexual at all. I think diaper lover refers to anyone who loves diapers for any reason, including non-sexual reasons (like feeling comfort/security from them.) But generally I do think diaper lovers tend to be sexual more often than not; and I haven't gotten a handle on how often ABs or sexual or not.

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    It really varies from person to person. Some adult babies enjoy sexual fulfillment during roleplay, while others so not want sexual stimulation at all.

    Yes, it is possible to be both ab and DL. You'll see many members here, including myself, have both listed above their names. Of course I can't speak for everyone, but personally I can find sexual satisfaction in diapers, but I also enjoy time feeling and acting like a baby. During baby time, I may feel aroused by my diaper, but that's really not what I'm looking for. Many people experience this arousal during baby roleplay that they'd rather not have.

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    For me being an AB and a DL are a bit different.

    My DL desires are very physical and somewhat sexual. Its a enjoyment for the feeling of a diaper and the look on me (and others to some extent though its not really an attractive thing) but most importantly its the feel of a soiled or wet diaper, the feel and warmth from the squishy stuff on the diaper and my butt, the mild smell that leeks out, the growth of the diaper and its fell as I walk around in it. the sensation often leads to an erection

    the AB side is a physical emotional thing and consists of a desire for cute things (Babyfur artwork, some cartoons, footed sleepers, stuffed animals) along with the desire for codependency and physical affection (hugs, being cuddled, being picked up, being patronized, petting, rubbing, ruffling hair, being taken care of, being dressed, taking a bath with someone, being close to someone, naps, being looked and treated like I'm cute, feeling cute, ect.)
    the fact that I began as a DL was kinda how I adapted these feelings in an AB practice

    I would prefer that the sexual element would be separate and any ABDL practice would result in a boner even if its more of an emotional and physical comfort thing, pure DL could have sex in it or some raw AB practices and is more of what I want as of now

    Basically all ABDL's are different but it is possible to be both

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    I would have to say tho i have AB/DL on my profile i am more AB then any think else 90% AB and 10% DL so fore me i don't really get turned on by wearing a nappy its just apart of being a little so to speak. I will say it has not all ways been that way tho when i was about 14 years old up to 18/20 years old wearing a nappy would some times make my willy become happy.
    I don't see a problem with finding nappies a sexual turn on as the old saying go's
    (Different strokes for different folks) as long as your not hurting any one and it makes you happy then i say go for it.
    As for me i'm into any think cute and cuddly and thats what makes me happy.

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    For me, I see my DL side as a starting place. Diapers have always been sexual for me, but through the years, I have learned to express and enjoy my AB side. I feel like I start at DL and end at AB, all rather quickly. Both sides are sexual, but when I'm in AB mood, I try not to express the sexual side, so that the AB feelings can continue for days.

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    This is also mostly how I see DLs and ABs. Of course, there's always variations within those groups. For example, I'm a DL and diapers are more of a sexual thing. I haven't dabbled in any sort of AB stuff, because it doesn't really interest me. However, I would love it if my girlfriend used a pacifier and acted little somewhat. It's amazingly cute to me, I just wouldn't do it myself.

    I think the descriptions you gave of AB/DLs are more of general guidelines rather than strict groups because you're always going to have individuals within those groups that indulge in diapers in their own ways.

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    I discovered the terms AB and DL when I was around the age of 13 or 14.

    At that time, I was so relieved to know I wasn't the only one of Earth who like to wear diapers. And more than that, there was actually a name to define it. It might sound silly but it's always such a relief to be able to name something you've been suffering from, being it a sexual fetish in your teens years, a disease/disorder (I can give many examples, like my brother when at the age of 16, some people were finally able to find out that he was an autist) or anything else.

    So, here I was, at 15, fitting in the DL case. I was not at ease with my mind, but at least, I knew where to start when trying to understand what it was and what I was. I found out what a TB was and was able to exchange with a few TB who were struggling with the same guilty desires.

    But, as time goes by, I discovered that it was not just the diaper. It was the feeling of security, of comfort that I liked. And while I thought the pictures of AB I've seen were extremely silly or grotesque, I began to consider that I might not be a total DL. I still liked cartoons, I liked to curl up in my bed, especially when being diapered.
    Step by step, I realized that I was more AB than DL. And me being aroused by diapered was more a result of my teens hormons acting all cray-cray than a sexual attire for diapers.

    I keep on discussing with others ABDL as I was growing up. Being bisexual and not really vanilla, I stumble upon other fetishists. Some were DL, some were into ageplay, some were into BDSM, some were into humiliation but there was ONE thing that I realized : a lot of them were a mixed of different things and it was really rare to find two people with the exact same interest.

    so, what's my point exactly ? Well, to answer question 2:
    AB, DL , LG, LB, sissy, etc. Those are just words after all.
    YOU define what you are by the way you are and the way you act. You can be exactly what you want.

    In my own and personal case, I am primarly an AB. But I stole some stuff in the DL/Sissy/LG/LB/BDSM directory.
    I used to be confused because I was not fitting very well in one or another definition but at some point, I realized that I don't care where I fit as long as I'm fine with who I am.

    And to answer question 1. I agree with your definition but from my experience, I realized that there is usually a fine fine line between a AB and a DL. And each AB or DL will have his/her own definition of the terms.

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    While I can't really offer an opinion as an AB I can offer my thoughts as a DL and a bed-wetter. Before I was hit puberty I was already into making home made diapers and messing in them. I used to rather enjoy getting a cold and being able to miss school as I'd make paper towel diapers with saran wrap as both of my parents worked. There was no sexual inclination at all at that point as I didn't even know what sex was.
    Once I reached puberty diapers were a sure-fire way to get myself turned on and having sex while wearing a wet or wet & messy diaper is among the greatest experiences I have ever had the opportunity to have. I do not need a diaper to be sexually aroused, but it sure doesn't hurt, either. Prior to having my kids my wife would sometimes participate.. we'd both be diapered. She would only wet, while I would wet & mess. That sex was incredible! I know for a fact my 1st son was conceived with me wearing a fully loaded diaper and I'm 90% sure my 2nd was the same.
    I find it hard to say if diapers make me more inclined to have sex or masturbate, but as I stated previously they sure don't detract from the experience!

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    I have been an AB/DL all my life! My earliest memories were going over to my nanny's house back in pre-school with my twi sister and the Nanny had 2 kids, one a little baby the other like a couple years younger then me. I was out of diapers at this point and being with the 2 younger children there were natually lots of diapers and baby stuff around. I remember sneeking into the diaper changing area just to take a look at the diapers and other baby stuff. I would fantasize me being babied. Fast forward a couple years and I remeber the nanny comming over to our house brining over the diaper bag for the younger one, who was a tot by then. I specificaly remember saing to the older daughter of my nanny, "Hay, I bet you cant get me in that diaper over there" So natually she got the diaper and ran after me. I stopped to let her get me and I just let here put the diaper on me. (I was such a devious kid) Fast forward till the summer after 4th grade My 2 friends and I stared the baby club. This was a club were we basicaly played house and I was the baby. Well we found some old diapers from home and my friends would change me. This is when I believe my fetish started. So from then on the thoughts became more strong and eventually and I would wrap t shirts around me as a make shift diaper. At about 6 grade is when it turned sexual due to puberty. To this day I consider myself more (DL), but I have always liked being babied, so I'm also (AB). Now both the AB and the DL were sexual till more recentlly. I have leared to controll my earges (finally ) and I enjoy more of the AB side like fantasizing about being cuddled and held just for a loving and comforting feeling. I would say I'm 70% DL and 30% AB.

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