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Thread: big pacifier diappointment

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    Default big pacifier diappointment

    I ordered a pacifier at pacifier R us. It looked so bautiful on the picture. And now I am so so so disappointed. I am crying. I payd 60 dollar for it including sending costs to Europe. I expected to get the most beautiful pacifier I ever had. But the guard is broken, there are scretches allover and they glued it with white glue. It's a transparent pacifier so you see all the white glue. I am too much in pain to study the return policy at this moment. I am shocked that a company dares to sell this. it would help me if you put yourself in my shoes and then imagine how disappointed I am and then write in your reaction to this post something that conveys me that you can imagine my disappointment. Would you be willing to do that?
    And I also want to warn: don't buy pacifiers at Pacifiers R Us except if you want pacifiers who are broken, scretchy and have visible glue stains.

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    Wow... that sounds horrid. I know exactly how you feel.. while i've never recieved such a mediocre item, i have been sold on things that were not exactly as they appear... and were VERY expensive... I'm sorry your new paci arrived in such dire condition I would feel outraged and would most likely punch a wall lol I've always been iffy about ordering from Pacifiers R Us... the prices are way too expensive and the site itself looks unfinished.. I prefer to order mine from Baby-Pants or from CosynDry. The worst that has happened with those paci's is that they arrive SLIGHTLY slanted... meaning the nipple that is glued to the shield is only like miniscule in its disproportion but still enjoyable, not to mention they only sell latex paci's and not silicone pacis (i prefer silicone but its not so bad) and they dont have the long neck Nuks, only the short neck ones. and most important of all.. .they are like 30$ max... not including shipping, ive seen ordered from pacis r us rack upwards of 60 just for the pacifier, not including shipping or tax... it just doesn't seem worth it.

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    This Really Sucks in a real bad way. A 36 month pacifier fit me fine so I bought mine from the drug store. It is a stay clean and has the guards on it.

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    Have you wrote or contacted the company about this product (pacifier) ?
    See if they are able to fix it to your satisfaction ?
    Maybe they had a disgruntled employee with a bad day at work messing with them ?
    Who knows - but if they don't know they will not be able to help you and some other
    customer maybe treated to the same problem.

    On the other hand if they are not able to fix their shoddy work then I would invoke
    the customer riot act and make my displeasure known in more than this forum !
    Certainly make in known LOUD AND CLEAR !

    If you bought this thru or on ebay then leave -*NEGATIVE*- FEEDBACK !

    So don't sit there in your diapered outfit make a fuss !!!!!

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    I'm sorry you had a bad experience with pacifiers r us. When I ordered I had a very good experience with them, and I got a good quality pacifier. If you contact them they will probably replace it or do something about it. Send them an email. I'm sure they will reply.

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    If what you got was really as bad as you say it was, I would ABSOLUTELY write the company and complain about that. That's just downright awful.

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    Sorry that happened. Write them and show them a photo and get a replacement. But seriously, though, your pacifier broke. A company messed up your order pretty bad, but it's not the end of the world. You're going to be alright. Take a deep breath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frogsy View Post
    Sorry that happened. Write them and show them a photo and get a replacement. But seriously, though, your pacifier broke. A company messed up your order pretty bad, but it's not the end of the world. You're going to be alright. Take a deep breath.
    By definition if you buy a modded pacifier your buying a broken one. The prices they charge, to me just seem insane plus the plain white nuk 5 never bothers me.

    A pacifier is a pacifier, is a pacifier.

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    Sorry to hear that. I didn't have any issues when I ordered one nor did a friend of mine. I just ordered another which should be here sometime this week so I guess we'll see. Is it possible it got damaged during shipping?

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    I would write or call them to complain about the pacifier they sent you and let them know how disappointed you are and
    that you would like a better condition replacement or your money back.

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