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Thread: For anyone trans..

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    Default For anyone trans..

    How did you know you were trans and not GQ or GF? Was it through therapy? Self-realization? Did you just "know"? I know sometimes it doesnt always happen early on and some people dont discover or realize that they are until later on.. I'm kind of having trouble making the distinction.. And surprisingly its actually quite difficult to find a good gender therapist where I live >_<
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    G...F? Gender femal... F? No really, I have never heard that used in all my years around the trans community.

    You mean transsexual, correct? I consider myself to be genderfluid but I guess on default I'm more like a trans guy. I haven't been to a therapist though. I'm reluctant to visit therapists and I don't want hormones at the moment so I don't see a reason to visit one.

    I've always fluctuated between bigender, genderfluid (sometimes I feel something different from male or female), and transsexual but by age 17 I decided that it was too frustrating trying to chose a "perfect" label. I decided I was just gonna say genderqueer, genderfluid if I wanted to be more specific, but I present myself as a trans man most of the time for convenience. No one takes genderqueer people seriously once you explain it to them, they just think you're a special snowflake, and I consider myself male on default.

    How'd I know? Self-realization in my mid teens. I remember I had began identifying as a LGBTQ sexuality around age.. 13? Yeah, around there. I knew about trans people but I didn't start caring much for another year or two. I didn't identify as anything other than cis when I was younger, though when puberty hit I began feeling dysphoria (never something like "I wish I were a boy" or anything, just a hatred toward my body I thought a lot of girls felt).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrewberryBlue View Post
    G...F? Gender femal... F? No really, I have never heard that used in all my years around the trans community.

    You mean transsexual, correct? I consider myself to be genderfluid but I guess on default I'm more like a trans guy ...
    GF stands for Gender Fluid ;-) Honestly never seen that?

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    For me it became obvious after a while. I act feminine, I think feminine, I like feminine things and I hate having a male body.
    Though, I hide my feminine behavior when I'm around people who wouldn't accept me for who I am if they knew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsClaraRiddle View Post
    GF stands for Gender Fluid ;-) Honestly never seen that?
    Oh, genderfluid. That makes sense. I've just never seen it as GF, only written out completely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBLeslie View Post
    For me it became obvious after a while. I act feminine, I think feminine, I like feminine things and I hate having a male body.
    Though, I hide my feminine behavior when I'm around people who wouldn't accept me for who I am if they knew.
    *Looks closely* Are you me? 0_o lol Thats exactly how I am/feel/act/ etc. Only I'm such a rambler that i probably wouldve needed an entire essay to describe just this >_<

    - - - Updated - - -

    Took about a day and a half but im glad someone responded lol

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    I hadn't heard the word or the community but the moment I heard the description I was like "Oh... yeah, that sounds about right."

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    to be honest I knew when I was 8 that I was different but I didn't know what it was or how I can describe it to somebody else. I keep it hidden from everyone because I was afraid that I was the only one that felt like a prisoner in my own skin. There were times I would cry myself to sleep, because every thing was wrong.

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    Whatever the name/tag is doesn't matter...

    The way I see it there is no correct label for a specific area...

    It's all a completely moving scale on one end is totally 100% your male or female physically...

    Then the other side is you completely opposite of your physical body...

    Now, I everyone knows things are not quite so certain, if you think they are your fooling yourself...

    Everyone is somewhere I between the two...

    I myself was born a male, and I'm male...I like to cross dress sometimes as an adult...even sometimes as a little...although when in little mindset gender doesn't really register to me at the time...

    Anyhow, I played the manly man at work, home, etc...

    But, really I'm just a normal bloke that does have sensitive areas and fears...

    I've tried to be the 100% Macho Man! But that is justa show.

    I do relate in some ways with the need to not be macho...and even have thought I may be gay...

    But, in my space I'm male, and have some feminine traits...I don't hate my body, but I also don't like it either...

    My point is there isn't a category that fits most people...everyone is slightly different and unique in thier own way...

    I'm 41 and still understanding exactly what makes me who I am...

    I just urge everyone to not judge anyone including yourself and try to fit a term or label...

    Moreso don't make an irreversible change to yourself to fit into a category...make sure it's the right choice for you...

    I know there are plenty of people that identifywith the opposite gender...I say that is fine, just make sure before you make a change...

    I have several close friends that are openly gay, bi, etc...others that are homophobes...even some that have been through surgery...

    I just want everyone to know that over time things change...and every year that goes by there is more acceptance for gender's becoming easier to be open every year...and soon it may be normal for these differences to be expressed and even treasured.

    20 years ago if you were gay, you'd be shunned just about anywhere to a degree, now it's much more normal and accepted as just a part of life...

    Everyone is different, make your own road, just make sure it's the proper one for you, not the road you think you need to take to achieve a goal...

    Whial I'm not going to get surgery to alter my physical appearance, I do understand it...

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    Dysphoria kicked me in the ass when puberty started, and it became kind of hard to ignore how much I'd rather be treated like all the other girls instead of the guys at my school. Before then, I didn't really know what gender was. I was told that I was a boy, and rolled with that because hey, all boys have a penis and whatnot, and I did too (my how my understanding has changed, hah). I didn't know that that actually meant anything, and how important gender roles were to everyone but me. I loved to play kickball with the guys, gossip with the girls on the swingset, and slept with my bed full of stuffed animals in elementary school. My dad taught me how to play T-ball and throw and kick a football, and I loved to cook with my mum and got an Easy Bake oven for my birthday one year. In essence, I was presented with a lot of masculine things, because my parents saw me as a boy. I think everything would've gone just as smoothly had they viewed me as a girl; they would've given me dolls instead of cars, but probably still accepted my interest in sports and 'masculine' interests if I showed any.

    Then all of a sudden in middle school, it's like a line was drawn between boys and girls, and it became so weird for me to talk with and hang out with girls. We were supposed to date each other and make out and stuff, not be good friends. Middle school really sucked. Then puberty took hold, and I wouldn't realise until it was halfway over just how much I hated my body and everything that had happened to it. In high school I became envious of all my female friends; I cried a lot and self-harmed and eventually attempted suicide because I thought I could never be like them. I'm not saying you have to hate your body to be trans, but that's how I knew. And that made it super obvious for me, I needed to be seen as female, to have a feminine body.

    So really, there's never been much of a question for me about whether I'm trans or not. Near the end of high school and into college, I realised I liked to cross-dress (wear guy clothes), and really wished I could have a feminine body and just wear whatever I wanted. But the whole time I wanted other people to recognise me as female. I have a feminine name, and love it. At no point am I really comfortable being 'masculine', but I like to not be feminine sometimes. It took a while of just going with the flow and doing what I wanted to do without any labels before I could say for certain I'm definitely female, binary identified, not genderqueer or oscillating between or among any number of genders. To put it simply, 'female' is very comfortable for me, and much much more comfortable than 'male'. When I was born, I was carelessly assigned the identity of 'male', so I'm transsexual, because now I'm female. I just mess with my presentation sometimes, kind of like how people who are transitioning will go 'boy-mode' sometimes. The only difference is that I enjoy it for the most part, and don't wish to stop doing 'boy/andro-mode', at least occasionally.

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