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Thread: Getting rid of diaper smells in a room :(

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    Default Getting rid of diaper smells in a room :(

    So, as some of you know, I'm the guy with a crap load of used diapers in my room since like 1998 or whatever. I finally got them out of my room and out of the house and OH MY GOD, the stence is horrible. Anyone got any ideas on how I can get rid of the smell in my room as soon as possible? Right now, My door is closed and my windows wide open to air out. My door is closed so I don't get any smells out into the rest of the hosue. I need some advice on this quick.



    P.S: What happened to Darkfinn? He used to be super active on here

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    if it's like #2.... use matches to burn the methane. I'd say your best bet would be to have several biochemical reactions to occur, so I'd suggest doing a bit of research on all the chemicals in that stuff...

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    Uhh... umm.. wow.

    trying to come up with something constructive...

    all I got is...


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    It's all #1. At least I wasn't stupid enough to save soiled #2 diapers. So, what chemicals should I be researching now? I've got no idea what chemicals these would produce. Also, would burning still do the trick for #1?

    EDIT: Would Febreeze work? Isn't that suppose to take over any odor?

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    Urine burns off (terminology?) and leaves ammonia behind. Maybe you could just use some fans to get the air moving.

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    I do know ammonia is bad for ya, so burning is out of the question. I'll go look for a nice fan while everyone's at work tomorrow. Leaving the windows opened and a fan pushing air towards the window for like a few days should do the trick right?

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    Wash the walls, get a carpet cleaner, and use Febreze. Ventilate the room (fans and open windows).

    ... How does one not throw away dirty diapers for ten years? oO;;

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    @Akira: I had em, used em and never got a chance to get rid of them successfully. After like a week of trying I kinda forgot about em. -_-

    Any way to do it w/o a carpet cleaner, etc? My parents would be really suspicious of all that now.

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    Seriously? 10 years? That's pretty disgusting...I believe they debunked that match method...It just covers the smell temporarily...Use Febreeze (air ones, and ones for like carpets)...Maybe get some baking soda or something in there...Ventilate it...Don't ever leave them there again

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    I can set like a box of baking soda behind my TV and it still work right? I'll get some febreeze for air and carpet tomorrow and spray the crap out of the room.

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