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Thread: Ghost in closet

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    Unhappy Ghost in closet

    So let me start off by saying i'm not trying to troll anyone or whatever.

    Anyway, my girlfriends family just moved into a new house, probably just over a month ago, and she mentioned to me that on the third night that she heard something in her closet and then a huge bang on the closet door. It scared her and her kitten that was sleeping on her bed, and ever since that night she has been hearing the same noises most nights. I had stayed there a couple of nights a week since this was mentioned but nothing had happened.
    I did stay there last night though, and we were home alone. She told me when she heard the noise and i said I could hear it, the kitten was sleeping on the bed again and also got scared, and i'm extremely scared of the 'paranormal' but I wanted to act all tough and not scared (:3) but then we heard a bang on a closet again (just once, and it wasnt a very loud bang, like someone knocked there elbow on it) but we both avoided the conversation as her parents opened the front door a split second after it happened. Then today, I was on the phone to her and she heard a noise again and i told her to open the door (btw its a sliding door) so she opened it and told me she heard the sound of something running to the other side of the closet. We've sussed this out, the house has brick walls, no holes or anything in the floor for rats or what not, i told her that it was a 'ghost rat' just so she didnt feel afraid to sleep in her room when im not there. I also told her that if it was anything that was bad, that it would have happened by now. Ive had an experience with the paranormal as well but that was agggges ago. Anyway what do you guys reckon, sorry if this was long and thankyou for reading!

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    I have a chest of drawers that makes a noise that sounds like someone is slamming a door and it mostly happens at night. I have been known to wake up when it happens but I know what causes it due to late night reading. its just the wood contracting as the temperature of the room drops overnight and I wonder if the closet door is doing a similar thing.

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    Yeah but this is seriously a massive thug.. Hm.. Maybe your right. The only other thing i didnt mention was that her radio turned on the other day by itself, scary ><

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    Before you assume paranormal, or even that the noise is actually coming from the closet, let me leave you with some thoughts.

    1. Odd noises are way more noticeable at night when the house is otherwise quiet. Some little critter, or blown leaf, or fallen stick on the gutters can sound much louder than it really is. Even during the day, the sparrows trying to build a nest on the window air conditioner in my home office can be startlingly loud. Clearly some kind of echo effect due to where it is in the room and how I installed it.

    2. Our brain tends to filter out commonplace stuff after a while. This being a new house (to her, and you), you haven't filtered out the normal stuff yet. All houses and their systems (HVAC, plumbing, etc.) make some characteristic noises. There's a town in Illinois called Bensenville. Its right on the West boundary of O'Hare airport. If you've ever known someone from there, you may have noticed an odd speech pattern. They stop talking every 90 seconds, even when they're somewhere else. That corresponds to the 90 second timing of jets landing. It was almost funny in the days following 9/11 (no air traffic!). I was doing some business there at the time, and like clockwork, everyone stopped talking periodically, then looked at each other all confused.

    3. Heating ducts and vents can act like an echo chamber or a ventriloquist. Under the right conditions, a noise from the other side of the house can sound like its right next to you. Heat ducts and plumbing often run behind inside closet walls because its convenient to build that way.

    Some investigation around the house and its operating systems is in order before you call Ghostbusters.

    P.S. I have an old undercabinet radio in the kitchen that turns on whenever we have a power glitch, even if its too short to set the clocks flashing midnight. Just a function of how the circuit was designed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    I have an old undercabinet radio in the kitchen that turns on whenever we have a power glitch, even if its too short to set the clocks flashing midnight. Just a function of how the circuit was designed.
    Yep. My home stereo does the same thing. Whenever there's a short power outage while the thing is in standby mode, it'll turn on. Happens only about once a year in this area, but I have actually come home from work to find it playing music. I was totally weirded out until one day I found out why it did that.

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    I grew up in a house that did the same thing. I had the upstairs/attic of a cape cod house. The attic roof had dormer windows, and was finished into two rooms separated by a wall and a door. Where the roof line came down, walls were constructed, and every so many feet there was a small closet door.

    Every night in which I went to bed, there would be a knocking sound which started at the far end of the house, and would travel down the closets until the closet door next to my bed would thump. It had me jittery, so one night I decided to stay awake and jerk the door open when it bumped. As if on cue, the noise started in the far end, coming down the roof line until it got to me. My hand was on the handle, and when it bumped with a thump, I could feel it hit in the handle. I jerked the door open, but there was nothing there.

    When I went away to college, my best college friend came home with me for a weekend, and he brought a Ouija board. We waited until midnight to play with it. I should point out that we hadn't been drinking, and had no other chemical in us. We asked the Ouija board questions, like, is a spirit here, etc. The plastic planchet was moving across the board, and I of course thought he was moving it. Finally he said, "Well if you're here, show yourself, God dammit," and with that, a full figured ghost appeared in the doorway. It appeared to be a man, and it moved towards us, passing through half of me and all of him. It made a right turn and glided into the wall, and disappeared. We were not only scared, but the fear continued for months after.

    Years later when I married, and brought my wife home, I still had to sleep with the door closed. My college roomie and I still talk about that night. I might add that we both described what we saw to each other, and our observations were identical.

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    As others have pointed out since it is a new house it could just be the quirks of the house that none of you are use to just yet.Because all houses make unique noises that after awhile you just don't notice.That being said it is possible it could be paranormal I mean myself and my family have a habit of attracting ghost,demons,ect so I fully believe in the paranormal but if it's just making noise if it isn't just a quirk of the new house it sounds like it's just a rather passive spirit so either way I wouldn't really worry about it unless things get worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strontium View Post
    I have a chest of drawers that makes a noise that sounds like someone is slamming a door and it mostly happens at night. I have been known to wake up when it happens but I know what causes it due to late night reading. its just the wood contracting as the temperature of the room drops overnight and I wonder if the closet door is doing a similar thing.
    That used to scare me all the time, and it still sort of does. There's nothing like laying in complete silence at night when you're like 13 and then hearing crrrrkkkk pop! I can't sleep in complete silence anymore. I have a fan constantly blowing to help give me white noise so I don't hear strange sounds at night.

    The only paranormal things I've experienced are when I used to live in an old house that was never occupied much. I lived with my mother, and we'd watch TV in the downstairs living room. The room above that was a room that was always empty, and the door never shut. This room was right across from mine, and it was directly next to the staircase. So to get to my room, I had to walk up stairs and pass right past this empty, constantly pitch dark room. So when we'd watch TV downstairs, we'd hear creaking right above us, as if someone was walking around up there. My mother would never get freaked out, but it was terrify me. So when I'd decide it's time to go back to my room, I'd race as fast as I could up the stairs into my room and shut the door. That house always creeped me out. I hated to be alone in it. When I'd stay up late at night and have to go the bathroom (which is downstairs), I'd have to work up the courage for half an hour before being able to do it. I'd turn on every light I could and then when it was time to go back up and I had to turn the last downstairs light off, I'd immediately race to my room as fast as possible. That house was the creepiest place I have ever lived, and I'm glad we moved out within two years.

    Another time, staying over at a friend's house, we'd hang around in his basement. His basement was really cool and a nice place to relax and play with his pool table. His parents had left, and we were there alone with another friend, just sitting around. We started to hear very loud thumps on the floor above us, like someone was wearing heavy boots and stomping around. This immediately frightened us. We thought someone had broken into the house. The sounds got louder, and spread apart as if there were more than one person. We very slowly tip-toed our way up the stairs which led into his kitchen, and we grabbed kitchen knives and armed ourselves. We were so scared, but none of us thought to call 911. We called his parents, who thought he was just being a silly kid. We inspected the house and there was no one there. No signs of entry. We thought maybe we were just actually being silly like his parents thought, but his dog was freaking out and scared to move. He had multiple dogs, and the other two were hiding in various parts of the house.

    I'm not really one to say that ghosts are real, but I've experienced some very spooky and creepy things. Hell, when typing this, I had to turn on the light. I get spooked very easily, and those experiences were absolutely terrible.

    Three things that scare me: spiders, the possibility of people watching me from outside when it's the middle of the night, and unexplainable loud noises.

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    I enjoy ghost stories but tend to be skeptical. My mind seems to split along two lines. On the one hand I have always had an overactive imagination. On the other hand I've made a pretty good living based primarily on my ability for logical reasoning. (I troubleshoot automated industrial systems)

    A house I bought and lived in for 30 years provided some experiences that were difficult to logically explain. Most noises, creaks, cracks, pops, thumps, even moans and groans, can be attributed to stresses on the structure or interior mechanicals caused by ground movement (frost, tremors, ground water, etc), wind, changes in temperature or humidity, or other things such as traffic. Animal activity and tree branches contacting the structure make all kinds of noises, and the sound of something hitting the roof and rolling or sliding down can put the imagination into overdrive.

    The mind has a tendency to catergorize things, taking the unfamiliar and trying to fit it into a familiar slot to make it more comprehensible. This can happen quickly and subconsiously, leading to visual or auditory illusions such as interpreting a series of thumps as footsteps, or seeing small animal movement in the corner of your eye when, in reality, it is only the flicker of reflected light.

    Still, there are times you experience things that are very hard to explain, like when I heard the distinctive sound of a particular toy that can only be made by an external force applied to it but the toy is motionless on a solid floor. The sound was heard occasionally over a period of weeks by different people and always stopped the moment the room where it was lying was entered. This behavior only stopped when the toy was discarded in the trash outside. Hallucination?

    There were a number of things like this, some curious, some scary, that lead me to be a bit more open in accepting the experiences of others. I often wonder how many people (percentage wise) actually believe in paranormal activity.

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    Paranormal? there's no such thing in reality.

    I've heard the stories - and I've been to a couple place that supposedly are "haunted". Nothing - usually 90% of the stuff is far easier to explain with logic and science than most want to believe...
    for the other 10% the explanation might require a lot more effort - but it can be found.

    I give you an interesting example... about a Physics Professor who's done some amazing tests with "haunted rooms".
    The entire thing is quite well documented and the tests rather elaborate, so I'm just slipping the short version here:
    People who had reportedly felt creeped out by one house / room, seen actual BLURRY GHOSTS, got "cold", etc.. .all the usual stuff.
    After some experimenting and examination, what was found were sound frequencies that are "inaudible" to the human ear (too low) but still "register".
    Amongst the recorded frequency range were some that make your EYEBALL "vibrate" and thus cause blurry vision, double vision, "ghost images".
    The same range of frequencies easily "scare" most people, give them "chills" etc...
    Now the SOURCE of the sound was usually difficult (sometimes not) to locate, from vent holes that just gave the right air-flow/vibration, to hollow areas and outside wind, etc...
    But it gets much more interesting. The guy then went on and got hold of an ultra-low frequency generator / speaker (apparently it's rather specific stuff) and installed it in a Class-room / room... and did tests on (willing) participants.
    Now about 90% of them got freaked, believed to have seen ghosts, etc... the whole nine yards... from a posh speaker / audio-generator system ...

    I lived in an old house (solid one from brick and stuff) and when the weather would change, it would squeak, screech and clack from various areas in the attic (solid house, but wooden roof / covered with stone roofing tiles.
    Sometimes it sounded like steps, sometimes even like low murmuring voices.
    I've had friends over who got scared by that... but of course, there was nothing.

    most of the stuff has an easy explanation - and the "paranormal" is just what your brain makes of something that it can not immediately explain/locate.

    Don't be scared - there's nothing to be afraid from.

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