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Thread: I want to believe!

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    Default I want to believe!

    I would not! go as far to say i'm a conspiracy theorist but ever since i was a kid i was fascinated by the idea of Extraterrestrial Life and even more excited by the fact they might be visiting earth i was so taken by the idea when the career adviser lady came to my school and ask me what would i like to do when i grow up
    i said i wanted to be a Urologist and study the ufo phenomenon.
    As i got a little older the feeling of wanting to know the truth never went away i soon found my self doing a lot of researching. Well 15 yeas later i'm still very much active in the UFO community working with people and making contacts from around the world And i am most taken and interested in eyewitness report from police and pilots with radar confirmation. I don't enforce my beliefs on any one i just thought it might be a good and interesting topic to share.
    So my question is (do you think it would be naive of us as a human race to think we are the only intelligent life forms out there) ? (Are we alone) ? Have fun with it and i look forward to hearing your thoughts.
    Here's a video of all the very latest UFO sightings of sep 2013 for people who are interested. Super Hugs Leo.

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    It is always good to have something to believe in. I wonders sometimes though. If there was life on another planet in another solar system would they be any different than us? I know its obvious they would look different but would their mentality be any more advanced than ours. The only one that would know is my holy father. Of course like you said I do not force my beliefs on anyone and I will not argue. I may debate but only when there is a good question to be answered. Like if there is a God then why would he let these things happen to me.

    Anyway I am curious though. What is the main thing that you remind yourself that this is possible? For me and my faith it is how perfect the earth is and how we simply could not happen by accident. In fact science proves that we should not exist and yet we do.

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    My personal belief is yes, there is other intelligent life out there in the universe.
    No, I don't believe aliens have ever visited earth. The only reason I could foresee them visiting us is out out of curiosity. Any civilization advanced enough to travel the stars has the technology to in effect create the materials necessary to make it possible. Scientists have already trans-mutated matter from one from to another. Never mind that it is highly unstable, and very radioactive.

    Will we ever make contact? Possibly, via radio link, and not two-way communication. Should we stop looking? No.
    Will we ever get our technology advanced enough to travel to other planets and make contact? Doubtful. Frankly I think we will end up killing ourselves off in the next couple of generations.

    In elementary school I used to dream about visiting aliens, the stars, and traveling in space. Was a big Trekkie, and Star Wars fan. Then they had to make that last Star Trek movie, and George Lucas made the Prequels. Gave up hope until I got hooked on Firefly and Serenity and the !%#%@#$% Fox Network canceled the show.

    Just remember, to an Optimist, a Realist is a Pessimist.

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    my answer is yes. there is far more of the universe that we havent seen than that we have. i think we should on the likeliyhood that somewhere in space, there is another planet like ours with people just like our on it and there is another person just like everyone of us.

    i think to assume that aliensa re big green creatures with giant head is purely horror film stuff.iens could be of any shape size color or intelect. hell they could be all differant like us.

    i mean we got black people white people chinese people african people. how do we not know that aliens could be like this too.

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    I'm uncertain but I believe I may have been abducted or encountered aliens as a small child. They scare the hell out of me and I feel like they have threatened me at some point. The grey ones are the ones that scare me.

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    Very good point tennismad there are meant to be many different races 52 alien species that we know of from the paladins to the light beans there fore the reptilians and the Common Grays that live some where out in the draco system but before i start to sound crazy .
    Yes there are all different just as we are and it was said back in ancient times the (annunaki) came to earth and impregnated the daughter of man and a slave race of the gods was made, and that being why humans are all different you can find this story in every colchester around the world in one way or another. Im not going to say yes its true but same time i'm not going to say its not true if you are interested then you can go look for your self's As i said i don't want to enforce my beliefs on any one else. The the evidence is there you just have to go and look for it. But i love this video gives me the shivers every time as these are real pilots and real recordings with radar confirmation of objects in are air space + Nasa. see video below recordings start at 00:40 in.

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    I'll tell you what everyone tells me:

    Wow, look what I came across.

    You're crazy.

    But I have proof.

    You're still crazy.

    I dabble in world of propaganda and conspiracy myself. The problem is, even if you have any shred of evidence to back up your claims whether it be visual or audio it is normally dismissed because there is not enough evidence to support said claims, or, it does not hold up with mainstream science. Yet.

    Also, if you spend to much time in those areas - it can have a real impact on mental health, I have gotten rather depressed myself at times finding out about some of the things that go against your entire belief system and are suppressed by the mainstream field.

    And whom's to say that Aliens (if they exist) ain't "God", there is no mention of God being human in any bible I have ever read. Although Michelangelo would say different, wouldn't he.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MLPPebble View Post
    In fact science proves that we should not exist and yet we do.
    Have you a link to said science? I'm a scientist and not aware of this.

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    I forget who said it but there's that quote, some thing like: "there may be alien life out there in the universe, or we may be the only life in the universe, either alternative would be mind blowing."

    It's very very very very unlikely that Unidentified Flying Objects are in fact the space craft of Extra-terrestrial life forms. Almost any other explanation for any UFO "evidence" is far far far more plausible than the presence of intelligent Aliens on Earth.

    It is enchanting to think about however. I hope that there is life elsewhere in the universe, if only because that seems a much more joyful possibility than there being no life elsewhere, even though we will probably never encounter it.

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    I remember that there were a couple of U. S. astronauts that claimed to have seen a U. F. O. on one of their space missions. There have been a lot of instances where people have filmed unexplained flying objects, so that would lead one to believe that "they do exist!".

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