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Thread: Telling my girlfriend ?

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    Default Telling my girlfriend ?

    Here is some background info: i've had a girlfriend for over a year now and we are more in love than ever, we are both 18 and attending college. We already plan to get married and are very confidant that we will be together forever which is amazing! We know everything about each other ,except for that I like to wear diapers. I think she may even be an ab at least because we always act babyish and we both have binkies, and she even has bought me baby wipes. The conversation about abdl has even come up before because she saw it on dr Phil or something and she said she wouldn't want something like that taking over her life. Which I completely agree with because I barley have time for it anyway. I don't know I just feel the diapers would freak her out too much and it could go downhill. Can I have some opinions please. Or how to go about telling her maybe

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    Wait don't dive in think this out slowly how long have you know her. How sure that she is you need to be sure

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    From the hints she has given you, I would say that she is fine with adult babies. However, she doesn't want it to be a lifestyle but rather a hobbie or the occasional activity. Hope everything works out!

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    well its actually funny, we went to the same high school but never talked until junior year summer. And upon getting to know eachother we found out we went to the same preschool!

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    It is generally agreed upon in the community that ab/ dl's tell their significant others about their interests. Keeping secrets in a relationship is a usually unhealthful practice.

    Seeing that your girlfriend already knows about infantilism, and that you both have pacifiers, I don't think she'd be terribly shocked and repulsed. I advise picking a quiet moment, perhaps during cuddle time, to tell her. I'd emphasize that you don't want it to be a full time thing, rather an occasional treat.

    I feel it's best to tell her now, rather than after you get married, if you do. That way, if she's not comfortable with it, you can seriously reconsider the relationship. After all, your feelings towards diapers aren't just going to disappear. Spending your life with someone who can't understand that is likely to result in a lot of grief.

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    Remember that if she really doesn't like it, you still can decide for yourself if you would give it up for her. It is possible, but if not, it's better to find out now than later.

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    Yeah, prob best to bring it up in some way, but help her understand that you don't really want things to change, except maybe getting the chance to wear a diaper for a little bit of extra fun, but that you don't want it to change anything from what you already have established. It sounds like you have a lot of fun together and are a good couple. Good luck, lucky guy.

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    It is absolutely imperative that you tell her before you two get married, if that's what you're planning. Like others have said, it would be terrible if this was an uncomfortable thing for her and it affects the marriage. Also, what if she found out one day, and was a little upset that you didn't tell her? That would not be a good situation.

    I told my girlfriend about it. Though I'm DL and it's more of a sexual thing for me. We were having some confession time about things we've done before and weird things that we were into. That's when I brought it up. We were already in a serious and deep mood, so she took it pretty well. It took her a day or so to process it and for me to explain it to her completely. However, she eventually wanted to try it out to see what it was like, and now we're closer than ever.

    Just be sure that when you tell her that you two are alone and have some good time to think and talk through it. Reassure her that it won't take over your lives and be sure to explain what you like about it, how it makes you feel, and give her time to think about it if she needs it, even if it's a day or two.

    I wish you luck, and I hope everything goes well!

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    This has been helpful! Thank you man! When I get a chance I hope I have enough courage to bring it up! If it happens ill post another thread saying how it went

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