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Thread: Just Brought My First Lot Of Diapers :)

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    Default Just Brought My First Lot Of Diapers :)

    i got some active slip medium size diapers has any one elese try them

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    cant say i have but hey, good for you! my first were large pull-ups - not exactly a nice adult diaper that got the job done as well as it should. Be proud that you started out with a half-decent product!

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    Yes I have they aren't all that thick and don't have a huge absorbency level but if you add a booster pad they will work great.

    Where did u purchase them from?


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    i got mine off ebay

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    Congratulations! I remember how thrilling it was buying my first pack!

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    I remember buying my first pack of diapers from AB Universe last year in August. Peed and pooped in nearly every one of them withing nearly a month. I enjoyed them. But I must say to you congratulations for your effort to buy your first diapers. Hopefully, you'll enjoy them.

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    Good on you! It's a difficult thing to do the first time, I'd be lying if I said I have never lost my nerve before the purchase. But it seems to get easier every time.

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    Well done! I remember my first time buying diapers, I was nervous as hell

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    I will follow with everyone else and say well done. The first time I bought I was terrified. It does get easier. I just ordered my first lot of cloth diapers and am awaiting their arrival.

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