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Thread: PS3 Fantasy/Sci-Fi RPG Recommendations?

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    Question PS3 Fantasy/Sci-Fi RPG Recommendations?

    I'm looking for some Fantasy/Sci-Fi RPGs to play.

    Note: They must have American PS3 versions and they must be $40.00 NEW or cheaper on

    Fantasy/Sci-Fi RPGs I already own:
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope
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    I just started "Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch" and am really enjoying it. Fantasy, not sci-fi.

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    The obvious:
    Fallout 3
    Fallout: New Vegas

    Better question, what do you mean by Sci-Fi and RPG: using the strictest definitions will limit the list quite a bit.

    Ni no Kuni is amazing.

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    Mass Effect series. Sci-fi and RPG.

    Just know Mass effect 3's primary ending blows chunks.

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    Thanks for everyone's recommendations . I've added most of them to my wish list, just need to wait until December (Christmas) now .

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