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    I am new do adisc. My name is ERIK I joind to find other abdl like me

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    like me
    AYE - but there's the rub We are all padded... mostly... there are some littles among us who are not even diapered, or only are at night, or during their pregnancy or whatever.

    On Adisc we assume a person is ab or dl or little or
    of someone they are close to. The important thing is what do you mean by

    like me

    On Adisc, who you are matters: it means a lot to a lot of people to find and associate with others of their kind. And we are all kinds here: Gay, straight, bi, asexual;

    male, female, hermaphrodite, trans;

    babyfur, diaperfur, old fur, kidfur, not-a-fur, conifur; and we have interests all over the map. It's common to want to chat with people with stuff in common: birds of a feather flock together; some just flock off. Yeah, we have a bunch of different forums roughly defined by topic... and many groups for those with certain interests, from motorcycles to parenting.

    And... we have shy people who come to just read and not say much, at least at first. And wordy raccoons who babble.

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    Hi Erik - Hope you make friends here. Best wishes.

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    Hey Eric and welcome to ADISC I hope you find plenty of other people to take to and be friends with who are like you ^_^

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