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Thread: Full time AB/DL? I am! Would you? :)

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    Cool Full time AB/DL? I am! Would you? :)

    I have been embracing my AB side over the past year and loving it! I even moved in with two very close AB/DL friends a few months ago, and have been meeting so many wonderful AB/DLs, Babyfurs, Mommies, Daddies, and just plain cool supportive people from all walks of life!

    I have been getting more and more brave in public and have even bought a bunch of new kiddish clothing to wear out. I bring my paci for long car rides, and have been bringing my teddy Heinrich wiff me everywhere esp. if I'm sleeping over at friend's houses.

    I have been buying all sorts of new toys from star wars to lego for myself and my friends to play with and it's so nice to be able to chill out and play like a kid again! even arts and crafts seem more fun now! I have been sculpting and drawing for years and was kind of losing my inspiration but now that I've been in a more childish state of mind I can't stop coming up with new fun ideas!

    As far as being diapered in public that's something I've dealt with all my life due to urinary incontinence but I've never messed much especially in public, until recently it's just been a guilty pleasure inside the privacy of my own home but I've decided I to give in to this urge too and use only my diapers like a good lil boy, even if that means having to go #2 while I'm out and about...

    Even though I primarily care for myself it's still an amazing feeling and so much fun to have this freedom!, some things are a little confusing and hard to get used to but it's soooo worth it to me, I'm making my AB/DL fantasy come true one day at a time. I felt so empty while I was in hiding and it feels like the world is opening up in fantastic new ways now that I'm being more myself! ^__^

    Does anyone else have the urge to be a full time AB/DL? are you a full time baby boy or girl? mommy or daddy? I would love to hear other's experiences and thoughts on the matter!

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    In have always wished I could be an ab/dl LG full time. Unfortunately it's not an option for me right now, wearing diapers outside my locked door is hard enough right now.

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    I am currently 24/7 with my wearing but I am yet to be a full time baby boy, soon though hopefully ^.^

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    Personally, I don't see why anyone would want to be as it interferes to much with your adult life and the amount of societal stigma that surrounds it.

    And lets face it. We are still adults regardless of how much we want to be AB's.

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    Of course we still have to face our adult lives that's where the A in AB comes in. As far as going 24/7 being an interference to my adult life it hasn't been to big of a change from the norm for me, although this could be due to the people I surround myself with. I find I still function just fine in society, I work hard, I do right by my friends, family, and strangers and I do what I can to get by. As far as why I do it, personally I just can't help myself! it's far to fun to be little hehe

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    Haha... NO.

    My AB/DL side is to be kept strictly secret and not hinted at in public in anyway. I'm an adult ffs. So yeah, fulltime out of the question completely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KittenBoy View Post
    Does anyone else have the urge to be a full time AB/DL? are you a full time baby boy or girl? mommy or daddy? I would love to hear other's experiences and thoughts on the matter!
    I'm not an AB - but only a DL with IC problems...
    So I have to wear pads/diapers 24/7 (unfortunately) - But being in DL mode 24/7 / Full-Time? HELL NO.

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    Fun to fantasize about, but I don't think I could, it's completely impractical. I couldn't do it to the extent that it imposes on other people. Plus I would need a trusted caretaker who would really be there. Wouldn't be as nice as I imagine it would be.

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    Well it certainly is a nice thought to entertain and I know I'd certainly enjoy it if I had the chance,but it'd be rather hard thing for me personally to do because outside of here just a handful of people know.But it's probably more easy for you because you have surrounded yourself with other AB/DL friends which I imagine would make it easier for you to be a full time AB/DL.

    But it's really good that are able to be a full time AB/DL congrats

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    If I did not have to work M-F. I would love to be a baby toddler boy full time again. I only get a chance to be a full time baby toddler boy on the days I have off. I would be very shy going out in public with my diapers on and my AB cloths on too. But most days when I come home from work I dress up as a baby toddler and have fun with my legos, cartoons and some video games. I do wear diapers every night due to my bed wetting problems. I have worn diapers for so many years that I have got used to wearing diapers and accepted the full time DL when I am at home. But my AB side is getting stronger over the years were I want to be full time baby toddler boy. I have been saving up my vacation time for next year so I can take two weeks off again. Then I can be a full time baby toddler boy again with my two weeks off.

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