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Thread: Hello from Metro Detroit!

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    Cool Hello from Metro Detroit!

    Hi everyone! I'm Kitten, a baby boy from the Detroit area in Michigan. I'm incontinent and wear 24/7, my fam and friends know and are very supportive!

    I live with two other local ab/dl/babyfurs and it's a blast! I live a fairly boring nerdy existence otherwise but I'm very content hehe

    I have lots of ab/dl and non ab/dl related hobbies; gaming, arts and crafting, reading, biking, hiking, just chilling with good people, playing!, star wars and legos hehe, toy collecting, cosplay, anime, manga, and lots and lots more!

    I'm still new to the site here and hope to meet lots of fun people, so feel free to say hello!

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    Welcome to ADISC, I am sure you will find a lot in common here. Since you are a BF you might also be interested in too if you don't already know about it.

    Have fun, and most of all, be helpful when able.

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    Yay! Another Michigander! There are a few people on here near the Detroit area, but I live in Kalamazoo. If you're ever headed over my way, Stop and say hi
    I myself am into legos, and have built some pretty cool RC stuff with the power functions motors and actuators. I was deeply saddened by the fact that FCN in Novi is no longer, but fortune has it that there is a new Furry Convention coming to Grand Rapids next February, which is an hour closer to home.

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    Hey there Leppard! I have a good friend over in Kzoo so that's a strong possibility! hehe

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    I'm new here too. People here really are nice and supportive, just jump in feet first. Trust me, it works.

    Quote Originally Posted by DeftLeppard View Post
    fortune has it that there is a new Furry Convention coming to Grand Rapids next February, which is an hour closer to home.
    Wait really??? I live like 20 minuets away from downtown, I actually attend Grand Rapids Community College. That's so cool!!!

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    I went to GRCC 2 years ago, but moved to Kalamazoo last July. I actually lived in Cedar Springs for 5 years. Have you been to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek? They have a Halloween event and i'm planning on going in my Fursuit.
    And KittenBoy, I know most of the Furries here in Kalamazoo, so I'd bet money I know your friend!

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    I've never been to a fur con maybe I'll go when this one comes around! ^_^

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    I can't PM yet otherwise I'd see if you knew my friends out there Leppard! o;

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