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Thread: Anybody know the Brand of those diapers

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    Default Anybody know the Brand of those diapers

    Hello, i want to know if anybody knows the brand name of those diapers

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    From the looks of it, it appears to be an early 90s line of Pampers, It may or may not be a European line.

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    they do look like muppet babies Pampers not if their European or American

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    one interesting thing I do notice on those is how little height there is to the tape panel. But then again I suppose there are only two tapes instead of four...

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    those are pampers that what I used to use when I was a baby I faintly remember

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    That is my picture that I had as part of an ebay listing a while ago and even I don't know what they are.
    They also are cloth backed with a plastic tapeing panel.

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    huggies 1994. I have a few in my collection.

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    First:Sorry for having took your picture Blacksmith
    but in my memories they were not Huggies diapers, I remember they were store-brand diapers, I wore them when I was 7 years old for bedwetting issues along with my 2 years old brother who was also wearing them at night that was in late 2000-Early-mid 2001, But after that I never seen any of those.

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    Looks hugging-sequel to me. I too, remember those from my younger days. Ahh the joy of the early 90s...

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