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Thread: For the UK public and the Not-so UK public

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    Default For the UK public and the Not-so UK public

    I will present a picture here. Please comment on it. I just want to see what the Uk peeps think on our Flag and compare it to everyone else's.

    I'm sure you all are familiar with the following:

    To me, any flag with 3 simple colours and made of various polygons is fine by me. I may post a more detailed post later. But I would like to see other's views first.


    Well, It's over (you'll find out if you read my posts) someone said the magic words! It's hidden in the spoilers to find out what the magic words are :P. But I don't want to spoil the experiment! So don't click on them! and then post about it without spoilers. I'll tell you when you can post about it without! The UK peeps have yet to come back from school.
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    I see your tri-colour polygons and raise you a simple red leaf! :P

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    Bow down!

    (oh yes that was sarcasm and isn't supposed to mean America is better then ______.... but America does kick ass, as implied by Team America.)

    (this has been the posts somewhat 80th edit.)

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    Hurray for having the most boring flag yet!

    I terms of looks all of the above are better than ours, but the Canadian one is the winner. The UK's isn't far behind though.

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    I'll meet your Union Jack, and raise you a Commonwealth Star and Southern Cross!

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    Hard to get more boring than this, but I prefer this one...

    Damn Commies.

    Those would be the Polish flags.

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    And for people who prefer to wear our flag on their butts:

    Gap offers German-flag briefs - kids sizes only...[if you need the link to buy a pair, I still have it; and one of our members here will get that reference ]


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    Hmm... I've clearly mis lead you all. But I'll give it till 9-10pm (9-10 hours from now) before I'll explain why I posted it. Trust me it will be an "Oh... I never knew that" and continue to what you were doing or "You put us through all this rubbish for that little measly info!?".

    I don't think there is many people here that are partriotic in the UK. However if you are, you should of picked up what's wrong with this thread . Then again. I'll give the UK peeps this afternoon to figure it out.

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