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Thread: help me... i need advice... :-/

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    Question help me... i need advice... :-/

    Baby Onezie for Adults (The Blue dinosaurs)

    I Want to Buy this, but my concern is ordering the wrong size and it not fitting properly once washed. on the website it says about shrinkage and has a size chart but im still confused......

    my waist is 34" and i wear medium shirts and tops etc...... i have no measuring tape to measure properly......

    do i buy the medium?....

    please help...


    - - - Updated - - -

    OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH Now i don't know whether to go for Blue dinosaurs or Jungle friends..........

    whichever i get (please help choose, let me know your favourite), I will get ONESIE, and TRAINING PANTS

    With the onesie?..... do i get snaps on the shoulder or not?...... im soooo confused!

    SIMPLY PUT.....




    thankyou xx

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    Buy a medium. In my experience Baby-pants clothes sizes are accurate. You don't want a onzie too big. I have their clothes in both patterns; both are super cute, you can't make a bad choice. You don't need the shoulder snaps in the sense that the onzie will easily fit over your head without unsnapping the shoulder, but I like them anyway.

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    buy the onesie in one pattern and the trainers in the other. that way you get both!

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    I honestly cant say i have figured out how to get an accurate fit with those onesie's. I will just say, if you think you are deciding between two different sizes, choose the smaller one. But i guess i have weird dimensions.

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    I Have just Paid and ordered the Blue Dinosaurs onesie next month i will order the training Blue Dinosaur Training pants.... EXCITED!!!

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    I go this for my mate last year, the dino design onsie.
    I got him the large and it a little bit loose but still fits decently.
    Probably could of gotten one size smaller.

    It is really a cute design.

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    I just got an order from them Friday. I got a white onesie and the dinosaur pants and blue pants with stars and butterfly pants and the Peva plastic pants. The onesie is a bit longer than I like but am sure it will shrink a bit. The pants are all amazing! I will be ordering from them again in the future. The size chart is pretty accurate. I opted not to go with a white one without the shoulder snaps so i can use the onesie just to keep my D from showing at the top of my jeans and as a discreet shirt.

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    Sounds good have to let us know how you get on I might get tempted :P

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    all really positive feedback about babypants.... im pleased i have chosen to order from a shop not too expensive (like most AB shops online), and that has lots of good things said about them #feelinghappy

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