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Thread: What exactly makes someone AB, could have you gotten the same emotional satisfaction from something else?

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    Default What exactly makes someone AB, could have you gotten the same emotional satisfaction from something else?

    I was doing some Psychoanalysis and came to the conclusion that what I thought was my AB side may just a need for intimacy that was associated with AB because of the DL side.

    I came to this conclusion because my desires on the AB side do not require me to be a baby or even treated like one (to some extent.) I wanted stuff like soft stuffed animals, Hugs, cuddles, being held, sitting in ones lap, being really close to some one, being in a codependent relationship,being helped get dressed, bathing together, being emotionally supported... all of this with somewhat of a little and submissive theme.

    The thing is that these desires can be filled with about being a baby. granted I do like teddy bears the care bears and footed sleepers but I could have developed different interests if I found some different community or, had a really close relationship with someone.

    But considering the fact that I can get this stuff from an AB relationship, along with baby stuff that seems interesting, and considering the fact that I'm also a DL make me a true AB? Its not like what I desire isn't the type of stuff you get from an AB just the baby is both empathized and enjoyed.

    I want to ask the question of what dose AB really mean and what your true desires are. Are you in this to be a baby or is it something that both you and the baby could get? I also want to ask if That question really matters? finally, how did you become an AB in the first place and why do you think you came here or got these desires.

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    Honestly, I feel one of the main things that caused my ab side to develop was a pretty profound lack of physical affection after the age of 11 or so. I remember when I was small, my mother would let me lie on my stomach on her stomach. When I got older, she'd lie on the couch with her legs in a v shape and I'd sit between them. But when I grew too big for that, there was really no replacement of affection and contact, no boyfriend to cuddle or anything like that. But a baby is constantly held and cuddled and caressed, so there's little wonder why I would find being a baby is so appealing.

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    i think its because i was never close to my mother. well...she liked me before i got diagnosed. before i turned 5....and i crave being liked, loved. and for me only a mammy interests me. because my real biological daddy was the greatest father in the world. losing him too...and being completely and utterly alone...nly makes me want to feel little even more...

    although i remember never wanting to grow up. when i first started puberty n my nipples went puffy i remember trying to keep them little and cold all the time like the used to be. because i didnt was to have boobs. and i started shaving everywhere when i was 12. because i didnt want any theres alot of things....

    then i wonder if my ADHD and Aspergers have anything to do with it.

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    I tried several times, to replace my NEED for being a daddy with other kinks and.. it never worked. Nothing can replace the comfort i get from being an attentive daddy, catering toe very whim my baby has. Im a leather dom in my kink life, but im just her loving daddy who treats her like a padded princess when around her.

    I have a deep need for affection, holding others all the time and well.. for cuteness. Its only ever been satisfied when im being myself, a diapered daddy who has a babygirl to take care of.

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    Alright, if you think becoming and AB is due to intimacy issues, then why is it that those in a good relationship that are AB/DL, still remian AB/DL?

    That's a real thinker.

    As for me, like most others, I couldn't recall any one given circumstance that would cause it in me.

    Maybe I'm just complicated.

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    From my perspective, it's like my AB side is a way of expressing my emotional needs more easily. I have a lot of difficulty opening up about what I need, and even more difficulty receiving kindness from others. I've learned, over my life, to be independent to the point where it's harmful.

    Being little changes all that. When I'm in my AB/LG mindset, I find it much easier to show how I'm feeling, whether by twirling and giggling, or hiding my face in fear. Going little is very wrapped up in emotions for me, and expressing those emotions I find very hard to express as an adult. I do wonder if perhaps this side of me emerged as a need to express those emotions I'd hidden.

    To answer the larger question, I'm sure I can express myself as an adult, but I find it easier when I go little. I'm only speaking for myself here, but I think this may be a part of it for others, too.

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    Default Why I am DL

    I know for a fact the way I love and use diapers as a DL came from my Mother and her Sister. They had some sort of a thing for diapers themselves and loved to put people back in diapers for all kinds of reasons. Many times during my youth there would be Costume Parties and New Years celebrations where someone would be fully diapered and plastic panted. I was often diapered just for fun as Mom called it. We cared for children during the day. Sort of a daycare type environment is what it would be called today. There were always stacks of diapers in our house and several times while Mom would be changing one of her charges she would offer a diaper to me. I accepted once and then it all started and I was diapered on a regular basis. My Aunt would fuss over me and change my diapers treating me like a small baby. She even would bottle feed me on her lap from time to time.

    At a time when I started to bed wet I was put back in diapers full time when at home. Never punished or humiliated but diapered full time. I would spend many hours around the house wearing light cotton shorts cloth diapers and a t-shirt. Mom special ordered my rubber pants from a place in England they were the same as a baby's plastic pants only much bigger. Mom always called them rubber pants and loved to see me wearing just them and my diapers. She said often it was so she knew when my diapers needed attention.

    My Mother loved me dearly and was always there for me. We were a small family but very wealthy due to my father's early demise. This allowed my Mother to do pretty much whatever she wanted to. I to this day still have a lot of what Dad left behind for us but would give it all up to have a little bit more of my Mother's loving treatment of me.

    As you can tell my Mom had some troubles of her own and at an early teenage year I was removed from her home by Child Services. I was seriously regressing and a Dr. flagged this during a check up and Child Services moved in. I was put back in Mom's home a year later only to be returned to diapers shortly after.
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