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    And what makes it unusual is that there was no sighting at all. I suppose you'd have to call it a scenting.

    While at work today, a customer came to the counter, and a scent caught my attention instantly. I'm almost positive anyone would have noticed something, but the exact scent would be obvious to any AB/DL. It was, with no doubt at all, the babyfresh scent. The most likely possiblity is it was from ABU, but it could have been an actual Pampers diaper.

    This customer was a male, in his late 40s to early 50s I'd guess. He was alone, no children in tow. I did not see an actual diaper as I tried to discrettly look because he was wearing loose fitting sweats and a shirt that hung well past his waist line.

    There was just no doubt of the scent though... and it caught me off guard. I figured I'd share.

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    I bet that was awesome, I've never had a sighting like that in real life myself. he may have been Incontinent though

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    Thats possible, but i doubt it. From what I know of most incontient people they prefer to avoid scented diapers. This was quite the oposite. The smell was distanct and obvious.

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    Are you sure they're not maybe wipes that he was using on his children? My hands keep the scent whenever I used baby wipes...

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    I always imagined that if I was in that situation I would say something subtle like DL, well not that but something that only an ABDL or babyfur would get

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    You say, "Do you mind me asking what cologne you have on, sir? It's a fresh, clean scent that I think I'd like to try sometime."

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    There is also the possibility that he could have a disability, and may have an intolerance for colognes or scents, other than what he was wearing. So, I would be a little cautious.

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    Some people use powder on their skin when they've had a shower or bath. Perhaps he did that before he went out?

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