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    Just peed my pants. I set my golf bag down, and made for the bathroom, but didn't make it. I just guzzled an Arnold Palmer about ten minutes before. Too much too quickly?

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    That's ok, I peed my pants after getting home from a bbq on labor day weekend. Thought I could make it, got all the way to the bathroom door but then the floodgates opened and I was done for. First time since I was 5! That'll teach me to not go before leaving the party


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    Quote Originally Posted by GolfCub View Post
    GolfCub, You may need to make a request to the Mods (Requests Forum) to have the other thread you started about this removed...

    I don't know what a "Arnold Palmer " beverage is, but if it's high in caffeine, or possibly...(okay I searched that term) the caffeine, and even possibility the lemon, as an irritant along with a high volume of liquid consumed...could certainly contribute. Though things like lemon and cranberry are good for the UT system, they can also be an irritant...causing spasms, that may lead to an accident.

    I didn't know there was a name to that mixture of beverages, it's one I've used myself for a few years now...especially with the self-serve fountain drink machines that have unsweetened Iced-Tea, and Lemon Aid together...the lemon Aid sweetens, and adds the lemon...

    I myself find it prudent to have at least a guard in place...even when the IC hasn't been acting up as luck, I'd be stuck in a vehicle, or store when an accident did occur...not fun...


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