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Thread: Catheter questions.

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    Default Catheter questions.

    Im sorry if this in the wrong place, Admins if so please move it. thank you.

    Has any one had to use a catheter on them selves or have on for extended times?

    How was your experiences, and would there be any tips for a cube to know?

    The Dr is saying I may have to start using one, but it is a bit scary. Iím thinking Id rather my diapers they are not scary.

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    I have done a bit of "catheter play" and done right it does not hurt or make you "pee crushed glass" afterwards but done carelessly, or with red rubber devils with sharp eyelets life can be unpleasant for a day afterwards. I've always been extra careful about cleanliness so never had an infection issue. I have never needed one one for medical reasons or kept one in for more than an hour. It has been a long time since I was into this but I remember often having to pull it out to cum before reaching the bladder.
    I know that might be a bit much for this forum but my intent is to say that with care they don't have to hurt or be unpleasant.

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    After my first back surgery, I had to cath myself for about six weeks. It was something I didn't want to do, but it didn't hurt. We bought a smaller diameter, and they had to be boiled. Keeping them sterile is very important. I had to use them because I couldn't pee, but if it was for incontinence, I would definitely chose diapers.

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    I had to use one in the hospital after surgery.

    Thankfully it was only for a short time period... Needless to say it hurt somewhat going in and out though honestly I was so drugged up I remember very little of when it was in though I guess it is safe to say it didn't hurt when it was in (at least not through the amount of drugs I was on) for the couple days.

    I did have issues with needing to go desperately and not being able to hold much for several weeks after though that probably had something to do with me needing the catheter in the first place. Basically it hurt to go so I was ending up with the bladder constantly full and only going a tiny bit to remove the very top of it. Once the catheter was out I had to go just as frequently though at least this was now emptying the bladder as opposed to making it just a little bit less full.

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    This seems like as good a place as any. I call it: how many times can a television ad use the word "catheter" in one minute?

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    It's been a few years since I used them but, as others have said, if they're done properly they don't hurt. The main thing is cleanliness otherwise you end up with an infection.

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    I've had to start using them permanently after a botched operation, it is entirely unpleasant and a right pain in the arse (well penis) for me it does hurt because of a urethral stricture, but for most other people it will be uncomfortable the first few times (especially just before it enters your bladder) Only tip I have is never do it too fast - I got impatient once and put it in too fast and god did I pay for that!

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    I'm a female so this isn't going to be very helpful, but I have a disorder in which I have to be cathed every few months. It's either that (because with everything else I have, my urethra is very narrow) or I will have an infection and become very sick.

    The procedure (though never performed by myself) is fairly simple, and fast. And the most you feel is pressure..but again, my experience with this is probably not helpful in the slightest. :3

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