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    Red face Ohai!

    Apparently I'm not allowed to lurk here :P that's a new one for any forum I use

    Anyways, Hi forumpeoples! I'm a transgendered (MtF, although transition hasn't really begun for me yet though it is a HUGE part of what I currently invest my time in everyday, gotta love all the gatekeeping and limitations for it etc) babygirl that also has plenty of kinky interests (too many to list here honestly over 200+ things) and who very much enjoys regression play.

    As of now I'm not working but have my eye on employment and live on my own free of annoying roomies/parents/etc so it's a bit easier to have "Little" time although because of my gender dysphoria woes I'm still working on making it more happy (more on that in a bit).

    I mostly have been exploring diapers very recently although I have been into other forms of regression play for several years (Pet play to be specific) with few partners thus far. I also see AB/Diapers and such as a way to try and relax as I'm often very stressed/anxiety-ridden/depressed/etc and have chronic pain issues as well. I'd like to have a Mommy/Daddy to look after me but seem to manage on my own just fine and don't expect a relationship right now while I continually work on my gender identity issues.

    As well I do find wetting (still deciding whether the 'other' form of incontinency is for me) relaxing and freeing though so far I've only had experiences with store brands like Depends/Tena/etc and made my first 'kit' of things actually just today! I'm very budget limited for my interests so have to stay small-scale for now.

    In my spare time (not a lot of it lately mind you, especially dealing with life-ruling mental/physical problems like gender identity/chronic scary pain with no firm knowledge of cause for that btw) I play video games (PC, 360, Wii and plenty of retro-y stuff) , hoard music (yay 50k+ track library) & share said music with others to expand musical tastes around the world, bike when it's nice out/continue to try to lose weight, spend far too much time online and am an avid tv series 'completionist'/watcher.

    In regards to diapers/AB stuff I joined the forums to mostly find others to chat to about all that with and from what I saw, maybe talk to other trans people that have an interest in it as well to get that perspective and to possibly make friends :-) I can't promise to be a very active member though because my life is rather jam-packed but I'll try and get some posts in now and then! hopefully won't have to type out such a long intro if it's possible to fall into lurker status again XD

    But yes, hello and nice to meet you all~

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    Welcome Sara, I play the 360 and I'm into music, art and sports. It's nice to have you join us!

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    Hey ya Sara!

    Well the lurker status seems to be useful, since it got you into writing an introduction and also participating in other parts of the forum. ;)
    And anyway, you made a quite nice intro aswell.

    So if I may ask, what kind of furry are you? And regarding your kind of obsession with watching certain series, besides that I saw that you posted in the "which anime are you watching thread"... I'm interested and anyway intrigued, especially regarding darker than black... or well all you mentioned are great. Nevertheless, which are your favorite characters so far, and your favorite from DtB? And did you just start to watch anime or do you watch regularly since years? ^_^

    As I know from a lot of people it's always quite hard starting transition or so to speak of having to face that whole gender-identity thing, but you'll surely find your place and the right way. Still best of luck and of course too for getting an employment!

    Welcome to adisc.

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    Ah yes, I did forget to cover that didn't I? Currently my fursona is a jaguar/tiger cross with both feral (or 'kitten') and anthropomorphic forms, although I need to find someone that has the patience to redo both since I don't typically invest in art and my previous arts were of the now (well, mentally at least, physically maybe eventually *sigh*) obsolete male character design. I might also be tossing in some vixen elements too when I do a proper redesign idea.

    oh lawrdie, to list all my favorite anime characters would take a long long time (I've been watching on and off for a decade although haven't completely more than maybe 16-20 series, mostly because I'm a dub person, yes yes hate on that all you want lol) but I'd say Code Geass's Lelouch/Zero, L/Light Yagami (screw sp at this moment :P) from Death Note, Cardcaptor Sakura's entire cast (first anime I watched aside from Sailor Moon in bits), Hellsing's Alucard (not the 'Ultimate' Version), Ranma from Ranma 1/2, Chi from Chobits, Saya from Blood+, Ed from Cowboy Bebop, Dante From Devil May Cry's anime, and Winry and Ed and Mustang from FMA/FMA:B should cover the big ones :P

    as for DtB I am rewatching it, although I will never watch the apparently awful season 2 where things just got screwed up. Electric Batman (Hei) and whatsherface (the redhaired girl) are my favs from that.

    As mentioned, got a lot of very worrying health issues at the moment so rather overwhelmed with life - don't see employment being a good idea in my current state unless I absolutely have to to fund help with those health issues/goals.

    thanks for the welcome and btw I love your Profile Picture (on your profile) and your avatar so very much ^_^
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    Thanks a lot, twice ^_^

    Heh, okay, I can relate to that and it's no surprise if you're watching for over a decade. Light is great by the way, I also like him more as !
    If you really haven't watched S2 of Darker Than Black... uhm, I'd say at least watch the OVA's, they're great in my opinion in the way of the first season. Despite that there's going to be season 3 and hopefully soon.

    And oh well... certainly there's a lot of hate sometimes for dubbed anime, but I think it has it's right to exist anyway. It gives most anime an unique feeling, for better or worse that's an individual choice you have to take. I have different favorites in this case, so especially DtB has it's own charm in english, or also nearly every time characters that are based on a kind of honor or strict codex, honestly ^_-. In japanese they seem mostly like true samurai in contrast to english.
    And by the way, english is great, german or french sounds a lil' strange in this case... or you could say that those are bad dubs. ^_-

    Anyway, get healthy again as soon as possible in this case! Perhaps you're also able to find a job, which would still be acceptable under those conditions.

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