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Thread: *Prowls in*

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    Default *Prowls in*

    *Looks around and sniffs the smell of a new area, Gazes Upon the barren Formatted area of the forum, then looks around and notices a huge billboard logo presenting the letters "ADISC"... O.o; *Teh housecat feels odd here But knows his friends are still around* *out of the blue he pulls a notepad and a pen and attempts to write a note for his friends to Read* " Hiya Guys, Your Resident Housecat/Kitten Is Back ^.^; Kinda Sucks that we gotta start from scratch, but we'll live :P Tho, All my LONG explanations on how to buy Diapies, And why Psychologists Will never Understand us, and how Abism is not a disease but a personal Interest, and how you can NEVER rid yourself of such a great thing.. are LOng gone :/
    Thats ok.. I still think I can call this place home. Its Good to be back

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    *Tries to dance but falls down*
    Tooo tired.......

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    Thankies.. I will always be here to stay.. after all I am the resident Housecat/Kitten

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    Nuuu.. I am Not a Bobcat XD.. I am A housecat/Kitten named Bobcat :P the name comes from My RL nickname Bobby and my personality being a cat
    and the title Resident Housecat. is half self proclaimed and half dubbed upon me by peachy

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    Yay! One of the few cats I like is here! Well um, welcome back and all that... I suppose it may take awhile before you can get your title back considering everyone has started over again. Oh well...

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    And here I was, thinking you had been run over my some mean truck driver in the middle of the night! I'm glad you haven't become roadkill when we lost the key to TBDL and had to move home.

    *gets a saucer of milk, opens a can of catfood and gets the ball of wool* There you go, now it's just like home


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