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Thread: Random question about abena pull-ups

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    Default Random question about abena pull-ups

    I got a sample pack of abena abri-flex with my last order of diapers. I've never bought pull-ups before, and am not sure if I'm missing something or just being overly curious.

    There's a little tag taped to the back of them that says "back". Normally I wouldn't find that odd, except that it's folded over twice on itself such that when peeled up and laid flat, there's a sticky part underneath the text and then a sticky part on top next to the text.

    Here's what I'm talking about:

    To me it seems like if they were just there to label the back, it would be a stamped on label or a single piece of tape. The fact that it folds onto itself like that and has two sticky sides when unpeeled seems to imply some purpose other than simply acting as a label. Does anyone know?

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    I would imagine the tabs are for rolling it up after use

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    Id have to agree is MOPaddED, I thinki it would be used for rolling the diaper when your done.

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    My wife likes those and yes they are for rolling up when done.. Confirmed :-)

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    I thought about rolling it up, but if I rolled it the obvious way (starting from the bottom) there would be a sticky side still left exposed. Is there some non-obvious way it's intended to be rolled or is the tape double sided so that it doesn't matter what direction you start from?

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    makes sense, being a pullup you can't just use one of the wing tapes

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    I too was curious about this tab. In the event that the diaper is too high while wearing it, you can remove the tab and roll the top half down to make it a lower rise diaper. The stickey tab will help it from rolling back up. I hope that made sense.

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    The tape is for securing it after you roll it up... They work fine for me.

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